Temporary Traffic Signs

Temporary traffic signs play a crucial role in managing and directing traffic in areas where road conditions change or construction work is taking place. These signs provide important information to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, helping them navigate safely through temporary disruptions and potential hazards. 

Road Narrows

When the road ahead becomes narrower due to ongoing construction, these signs are used to alert drivers of the upcoming change in road width. By warning drivers in advance, traffic signs help them adjust their speed and position on the road, ensuring a smooth and safe transition through the narrow section.

Road Works

Road works signs are commonly seen in areas where construction, maintenance, or repair work is taking place. These temporary road signs inform drivers and pedestrians about the presence of road workers, machinery, or temporary changes to the road layout. These warning signs enable pedestrians and drivers to proceed with caution and ensure the safety of all road users.   

TSA Traffic Light

Temporary traffic signals are used at construction sites or roadwork areas to regulate the flow of traffic and maintain safety. These signals function similarly to regular traffic lights but are specifically designed for temporary situations. They provide clear indications of when drivers should stop and go, ensuring an organised and controlled movement of vehicles through the construction zone. It is crucial for drivers to follow these temporary signals and exercise patience and caution.

Diverted Traffic

In situations where the normal route is inaccessible or closed due to construction or an incident, diverted traffic signs are used to guide drivers to alternative routes.  By following the instructions provided by these street signs, drivers can navigate safely through the temporary detour, minimising disruption and maintaining a smooth traffic flow.

Footpath Closed

Temporary footpath closures may occur during construction or maintenance work, requiring pedestrians to find alternative routes. Footpath closed signs inform pedestrians that the footpath ahead is temporarily unavailable and directs them to use an alternative path.  By providing clear guidance, these signs ensure the safety of pedestrians and help them find suitable alternative routes.

Road Closed

Road closures can occur due to various reasons, such as major construction, accidents, or special events. Road closed signs are used to indicate that the road ahead is temporarily closed to all traffic. It is important for drivers to obey these signs, follow the indicated diversion routes, and avoid attempting to proceed on the closed road. Respecting road closures ensures the safety of all road users and allows for the efficient completion of necessary work.

Traffic Control Ahead

In situations where traffic control measures are in place ahead, traffic control ahead signs are used to inform drivers to be prepared for controlled traffic conditions. Drivers should be vigilant, follow the instructions given by the traffic controller, and adjust their speed accordingly to ensure a smooth and safe flow of traffic.

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