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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Site Security products, including quality Site Storage options to guarantee security at your workplace.

Most of our Site Storage products have been manufactured by Armogard, a leading manufacturer of secure tool storage.

Secure storage boxes, such as tool safes, are important for construction sites because they provide secure storage for valuable tools and equipment. These boxes help prevent theft and loss of tools, which can be costly and time-consuming to replace. Tool safes also help keep tools in good condition by protecting them from the weather and other elements.

At Tiger Supplies, we offer convenient and efficient ways to store tools, equipment, and materials. Our wide range of site storage includes:

  • Tuffbanks
  • Flambanks
  • Chembanks
  • Drumbanks

A tuffbank is a type of storage system designed specifically for organising tools, which is commonly used in industrial and automotive settings. This storage solution offers great value for money as it is virtually impossible to break into thanks to its hardened steel plates and anti-jemmy features.

We recommend the Armorgard Tuffbank™ - TBC4, which features up to 2 shelves for better organisation of contents and has a cable passing point for secure tool charging.

On the other hand, a flambank is ideal for storing hazardous materials and flammable liquids. It is a fireproof cabinet designed to contain and isolate flammable liquids and materials in the event of a fire. Therefore, flambanks are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing settings for storing, as they provide a safe and secure way to store and access hazardous materials.

Our Armorgard Flambank™ features an ultra-tough lockable vault suitable for storing flammable equipment and hazardous chemicals. This product complies with COSHH regulations as it is fully welded to prevent any leakages and has high and low-level ventilation to prevent the build-up of fumes.

A chembank is similar to a flambank as it helps store and organise chemicals and other hazardous materials. It is also a large, fireproof cabinet that is designed to contain and isolate hazardous substances in the event of a fire. 

The Armorgard Chembank™ has a high-security lockable vault for the safe storage of chemicals. It offers 30-minute fire resistance and features hydraulic gas arms to assist with the lid opening and auto-latch stay to secure the lid in the open position. This product is fully welded to comply with COSHH regulations and prevent any leakages.

With a drumbank, you can store large barrels. This storing solution is typically a large, reinforced steel rack that is designed to securely hold and organise large drums and barrels. They are suitable for industrial and manufacturing working environments. 

We recommend our Armorgard Drumbank™, which can store up to 2 x 205L drums and is leakproof. This product is ideal for storing oil drums safely and is fire-resistant for 30 minutes.

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