Laser Levels

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At Tiger Supplies, we can provide you with the necessary Survey Equipment to complete your project. Our wide range of surveying equipment includes a quality selection of Laser Levels.

Laser levels are control tools usually consisting of a rotating laser beam projector that is often affixed to a tripod. The laser beam is projected onto a surface, usually a wall or floor, to provide a straight line of reference for measurements and layout. 

A laser level is useful for a wide range of applications and several construction projects to ensure the accurate placement of objects and materials. You can use them for tasks such as land surveys, ground levelling, graining and border fencing.

Benefits of using laser levels

The main advantages of using laser levels are accuracy, speed and convenience. Laser levels are superior in terms of accuracy with limited scope for human error. Compared to spirit levels, they are more flexible and comfortable to use and provide quicker results. There is no need to hold them steady.

Laser levels provide a faster and more accurate way of measuring and drawing straight lines than traditional methods. They also allow measurements to be taken in hard-to-reach places, with less need for manual adjustment.

At Tiger Supplies, we also offer Laser Distance Meters, which are great substitutes for tape measures. If you are a surveyor, you can measure distances accurately with this tool. It will send out a laser light pulse aiming at a certain target to measure the distance. Laser Distance Meters calculate the amount of time it takes for the laser light to bounce back. 

Benefits of laser distance meters

Besides providing accurate readings, laser distance meters are also safer. Cables, pipes or other tools are less likely to pose any threat to tradespeople on the ground. This is because the laser meter only needs a clear line of sight to the target within its range. Thus, this versatile tool will be indispensable to you on-site. 

We recommend the Leica Rugby 610 Laser Level Package, an excellent general construction horizontal laser level. The Leica Rugby 610 laser level is tough, fast and part of the Leica 600 series range which is known for its suitability for all types of construction work. 

The Rugby 610 laser squares, aligns and levels faster and easier than ever before increasing work performance by eradicating errors and downtime easily and quickly at the touch of a button. This new laser is protected from IP67 dust and water-protected and has a glass cage, tough housing and comes with rubber handles for grip to provide ultimate protection.

Another great option is our  Laser Distance Meter, which is a pocket-sized ultrasonic digital range measure. You can use it to calculate the length, area and volume with individual measurement recall. It only requires one 9V battery.

At Tiger Supplies, you will also find a wide variety of Survey Equipment, including  Tape Measures, Polypropylene Ropes, and Pins and Pegs. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at