Coat Hooks

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A Coat Hook is the easiest and most effective storage solution if space is limited. Our coat hooks will allow you to have an organised and clutter-free office.

Wall coat hooks are useful in staff rooms, waiting rooms, and change rooms. This way, employees will have a space to place their coats, ensuring that the workspace is kept neat and tidy.

Here at Tiger Supplies, you will find coat hooks and coat hook boards that are quick and easy to install on walls, the back of the door, or any other surface. Our coat hooks are made of steel and consist of one large hook and one small hook with pre-drilled fixing holes.

Our wooden coat hook boards also come with pre-drilled fixing holes so you can mount them easily. They feature a hardwood backing plate with 4 brass-finished coat hooks. This option is robust and suitable for the most demanding needs.

Benefits of coat hooks

Coat hooks are practical. After being installed on your doors, door hooks give you the same convenience and remain functional for a long time.

Not only do they serve as hooks for clothes, but you can also use them to hang towels, bags and other items. They are therefore very useful at work and at home. Coat hangers are a great solution if you do not have a lot of space.

With door hooks, you can give character to your doors. Visitors will appreciate your attention to detail if you have a door hook. It serves as decoration, especially if you choose it in coordination with the style and material of the doors in your house.

A coat hook is very practical when you have guests at home. Therefore, you should place it near the entrance. It will be convenient during family gatherings and celebrations when the house is full of people. 

Guests can hang their coats on these hooks as they arrive, which will be available for their convenience. You will not have to worry about taking the coats of your guests and putting them in a wardrobe.

You will not have to pile up your clothes in your room, you will be able to hang them instead. If you are too lazy, make sure you install hooks near the place where you change clothes. Your bedroom will be tidy and there will be no more clothing items lying around.

Consider the quality of the coat hanger carefully. You should make sure it can hold a number of coats. It needs to be sturdy enough to withstand the weight they need to hold.

A quality product from a reputable company is a wise investment. That is why at Tiger Supply, we only offer the best products to meet your most pressing needs.

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