Disposable Coveralls

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a high-quality range of Disposable Clothing that provides adequate protection against workplace hazards. Our Disposable Coveralls are hooded and effective against particles.  

A disposable coverall offers full body protection and is ideal for environments where it is common to work with harmful materials and substances. We offer several designs that are available in a variety of sizes and conform to various international standards.

Our coveralls are often made of spun bonded polypropylene. We offer coveralls that have been designed for single use and offer protection from non-hazardous dusts as well as coveralls that offer higher levels of protection as you can see below.

Coverall Type Guide

Standard Description
EN 1149-5 Protective clothing with anti-static properties (anti-static function only guaranteed if air humidity > 25%).
EN 1073-2 Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination. This type of clothing does not protect against radioactive rays.
EN 14126 Protective clothing against infective agents
EN 13982-1 Protective clothing against solid particulates
EN 13034 Protective clothing against liquid chemicals

Our Type 5/6 Coverall conforms to EN 13982-1, EN 13034 and EN 1149 standards. It is breathable and offers particle protection. It features elasticated cuffs and ankle closures and comes with an elasticated hood and zip front. 

The EN 13982-1 standard indicates the performance requirements for chemical protective clothing, including coveralls, that provide full body protection against solid particulates. These garments have been manufactured to cover the trunk, arms and legs and may come with or without hoods.

Clothing that complies with the EN 13034 standard is essential in laboratories and factories where employees work with liquid chemicals. For protective clothing to meet the EN 13034 standard, it needs to be tested for protection against spatter of the following liquid chemicals:

  • O-xylene
  • Butanol
  • Sulfuric acid – It must be dissolved in water with a concentration of 30%.
  • Caustic soda – It must be dissolved in water with a concentration of 20%.

The disposable coveralls that conform to this standard offer enough protection against all acids and alkalis (also known as bases) that are dissolved in water.

The coveralls that conform to the EN 1149 standard suppress static charge and prevent sparks that could cause a fire or explosions. This standard has 5 sections:

  • Part 1 (EN 1149-1) refers to the test methods for the measurement of surface resistance.
  • Part 2 (EN 1149-2) indicates the test methods for the measurement of the electrical resistance through a material.
  • Part 3 (EN 1149-3) explains the test methods for the measurement of charge decay.
  • Part 4 (EN 1149-4) refers to the garment test method.
  • Part 5  (EN 1149-5) details the performance requirements for protective clothing.

The coveralls that conform to this standard should be worn in environments where there is a risk of explosion or fire. But, employees should not wear these coveralls in oxygen-enriched environments. These garments will not protect against electric shocks (mains voltage).

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