Trench Covers & Speed Ramps

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Whether it’s managing traffic on the road or on-site, Tiger Supplies provide a broad variety of Traffic Management Products, including Trench Covers & Speed Ramps. Maintaining order for the drivers both on the road and on-site is paramount for the safety of all individuals.

What are Trench Covers?

Trench covers are metal plates that are used to cover trenches or other openings in the ground. They are typically made of steel or aluminium and are designed to provide a safe and secure covering for the trench or opening. They are often used in construction sites, roadways, and other areas where there is a need to protect people and property from falling into the trench or opening.

Additionally, trench covers also protect the surrounding area from debris and other hazards. They can help reduce the amount of time and money spent on repairs and maintenance, as they protect the area from further damage.

We recommend the Oxford Safe Cover, which complies with the UK's DETR Safety at Streetworks and Roadworks Code of Practice. This product is moulded from a single piece of glass-reinforced composite. It has a slip-resistant surface and chamfered edges to prevent tripping. The underside has a ribbed framework for added strength. It can take the distributed weight of a vehicle up to 2000 kg. This trench cover is lighter than a steel cover but stronger than a wooden plate. It complies with T/SP/E/42 National Grid and can be embossed with the company name or logo.

The Oxford Safe Cover is approved under our Project Kaiyo™ initiative, accomplishing one or more of our environmentally friendly objectives. In this case, it accomplishes being manufactured in the UK.

What are Speed Ramps?

Speed ramps or speed bumps are pieces of equipment designed to slow down vehicles as they pass over them. They are suitable for business or residential use. Speed ramps are typically used in areas where there is a need to reduce the speed of vehicles, such as in residential areas, school zones, and other areas where there is a need to calm traffic and reduce the speed of vehicles. 

This traffic management equipment minimises the risk of accidents and injuries, as well as helps reduce noise pollution. Additionally, speed ramps can help reduce wear and tear on the pavement, as they can help reduce the amount of friction between the vehicle and the pavement.

The JSP Ridgeback 5mph Speed Ramps are designed to reduce vehicle speed and improve safety conditions in residential and commercial areas. The product's distinctive design and the angle of retro-reflective elements optimises interaction with vehicle headlamps to improve visibility. Its design optimises visibility for road users maximising performance.

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