Sledge Hammers

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Our vast range of contractors' tools includes sledge hammers for demolition work and heavy-duty construction.

Sledge hammers are the big players when it comes to buying a hammer. This tool has a heavy head and a straight handle that can be wielded with two hands or with one hand if you are strong enough. 


You can apply blunt force to an area or object with this striking tool, which makes it ideal for demolishing existing masonry, breaking up blocks and stones, or driving stakes into the ground. Thus, this tool is indispensable on farms and construction sites.

Here are some other uses of sledge hammers:

  • Demolishing concrete
  • Straightening metal items
  • Dislodging stuck objects


Our sledge hammers have either a composite handle or a wooden handle. If you are wondering which one to choose, here are some benefits of each type:

Wooden Handles

Wood gives a traditional look to the sledge hammer and is an economical choice compared to other materials, which makes it a great option. Wood is strong and can last for many years, but after prolonged use, it will eventually deteriorate.

We recommend the Revolt Hickory Sledge Hammer that has been made using a straight-grained hickory hardwood handle. This design has been  'crack detection' tested according to BS876.

Fibreglass and Composite Handles

Fibreglass or composite handles have become popular over the years. Fibreglass is more durable than wood. In addition, this material is capable of absorbing shocks and vibrations better. 

The Roughneck Sledge Hammer has been manufactured from drop forged alloy hardened steel. This hammer has a solid core fibreglass handle with a polypropylene cover and a double injected TPR soft-grip handle with integral overstrike protection.

Tips for using a sledge hammer

Sledge hammers are heavy tools. At Tiger Supplies, you will find hammers ranging from 7-14 lbs. Thus, it is important to take some precautions to avoid injury while working:

  • When grabbing the hammer with both hands on the bottom quarter of the handle, make sure your dominant hand should be placed above the non-dominant one. This position guarantees a firm grip.
  • You should raise the sledge hammer on the dominant side of your body. 
  • If possible, the position of your elbows should be 90°, and you should bend your knees as the hammer descends.
  • Avoid bending over when swinging the sledge hammer, the weight of the hammer should do the work, not your back. 
  • Depending on the working conditions, also consider wearing Protective Clothing. 
  • Don’t forget to wear Safety Goggles as particles of concrete or any other material may reach your eyes and harm them.
  • Before using the hammer, make sure that there are no objects on the ground or other obstacles that could cause you to trip and have an accident.

By paying attention to these tips, you should be able to prevent any serious damage.

If you have any queries about our selection of sledge hammers or our range of contractors' tools, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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