First Aid Kits

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The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require all construction sites to have:

  • A first aid box with enough equipment to cope with the number of workers on site
  • An appointed person to take charge of first-aid arrangements
  • Information telling workers the name of the appointed person or first aider and where to find them (e.g. a notice in the site hut).

Recording Accidents:

Details of all reportable incidents, injuries,  diseases, and dangerous occurrences must be recorded and sent to RIDDOR including:

  • The date when the report is made
  • The method of reporting
  • The date, time, and place of the event and personal details of those involved
  • A brief description of the nature of the event or disease

Records can be kept in any form but must conform to data protection requirements. Site safety books can be purchased from Tiger Supplies.

In An Emergency:

Remember these four steps:

STEP 1:  Assess the situation

STEP 2: Make the area safe

STEP 3: Assess all casualties

STEP 4: Send for immediate help

Employer’s Legal Duties

Employers are required to carry out assessments for first-aid needs within the workplace. 

To determine what equipment, facilities and personnel should be provided, employers have to consider relevant factors, such as

  • Workplace hazards and risks
  • The overall size of the organisation

BS8599-1:2019 First Aid Kits

BS8599-1 is the British Standard for Workplace First Aid Kits. The British Healthcare Trades Association reviewed this standard and proposed changes to the British Standards Institute (BSI). Then, this organisation released an update in January 2019.

The new range of BS8599-1 compliant first aid kits has been fully revised for the new 2019 update to the standard. In today's working environment, these workplace first aid kits are more relevant. 

These first aid products not only comply with the British Standards but are also more “fit for purpose”.  Tiger Supplies’ range of first aid products is in line with the changes in workplace practices and risks. Our products are up to date with current workplace practices and the latest technology. Our kits ensure best practice is observed.

BS8599-1 compliant kits help you choose a kit that matches your risk assessment and meets legal requirements. By providing a kit with this updated content, employers can demonstrate that they are serious about meeting their legal obligations under the Health & Safety First Aid Regulations.

Tiger Supplies’ first aid kits are compliant with the latest BSI standard, and the content is approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). 

Our BS8599-1:2019 First Aid Kits count with a stylish colour-coded carry case and include a green integrated bracket.  We also offer a Van & Truck First Aid Kit (a vehicle first aid kit), which will fit neatly into your van or car. 

In cases of high risk, a Critical Injury Pack (BS8599-1:2019 certified) can be added to your First Aid Kit. Tiger Supplies also offers a First Response Bag, which is useful for most situations if you are away from a medical room.

Hazard Type Employees First Aid Kit Required
Low Hazard
e.g. Shops, offices, libraries etc
<25 Small size kit
25 - 100 Medium size kit
>100 1 Large kit per 100 employees
High Hazard
e.g. Light engineering and assembly work, food processing, warehousing etc
< 5 Small size kit
5 - 25 Medium size kit
> 25 1 Large kit per 25 employees