Packaging Supplies

For your business to succeed, you need to deliver a great customer experience. And packaging and delivery are essential to achieve this. 

You are in good hands with Tiger Supplies if your business model relies on shipping products.  We provide cost-effective solutions for your everyday requirements and offer packaging materials to meet your needs. 

Our range of packaging supplies gives you options to protect your goods during storage and when they are dispatched from one location to another. 

Pallet wraps 

You will certainly need our pallet wraps if you are in charge of a warehouse or a distribution centre. This packaging product will secure your goods together on a pallet so that your products are not lost, damaged or stolen. By securing your goods, you will also prevent injuries. Loose products can fall and harm your workers.

Bubble wraps 

Bubble wraps provide a cushioning layer to parcels and are useful for wrapping irregularly shaped objects. It is a popular and versatile packaging solution that can protect fragile products, and items of different sizes because of its high shock-absorbing qualities. In addition, Tiger Supplies’ bubble wraps are waterproof and can be great insulators as the bubbles of air wrapped in plastic resist temperature changes. 

Void filling  

You can use void fills to hold your products in place so they do not move around during transit. This solution fills the space in your package, and it is helpful when you sell different items and end up with a box that has space.

Polypropylene strapping

At Tiger Supplies, you can find plastic strapping and tools to help you secure a variety of items. Polypropylene strapping is an economical option to secure lightweight loads. Tiger Supplies’ polypropylene strapping has a breaking strain of 300kg.

In addition, we offer combination strapping tools to tighten, cut and seal the strap. This is a cost-effective way of speeding up the process while reducing operator fatigue. Our strapping seals are easy and quick to apply.

Packing your parcels with the best packaging materials ensures that your shipments arrive safely and securely. Here are a few tips:

  • Consider the size, material, weight, and fragility of your products and select the right packaging accordingly.

  • If you have an online store or retail business, you could use void fills and other packaging materials as a branding opportunity. Make sure you put some thought into your packaging because it is among the first things your customers will notice about your company. Putting a little effort into your packaging shows that you care.

  • Fill completely all empty spaces to prevent the contents from shifting during transport. In addition, make sure void fills provide sufficient support and do not sink or deflate under the weight of shipment contents. It is advisable to place fill materials at the base of the box and then around the products being shipped to ensure there are no voids.

At Tiger Supplies, we offer many more options to help your business succeed. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.