Flame Retardant Protection

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Flame retardant surface protection plays a vital role in safeguarding various environments and materials from the dangers of fire. In industries such as construction, manufacturing, and event management, where the risk of fire accidents is prevalent, utilising flame retardant materials can significantly reduce the potential for devastating consequences. 

Flame Retardant Protection Board

The Flame Retardant Protection Board is a versatile solution for multi-surface impact protection.  Often made from fluted polypropylene, this board can be easily cut, formed, and shaped to fit various surfaces, even the most unusual ones. It offers excellent impact resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of protection applications throughout the construction process.

Features and Benefits

The Flame Retardant Protection Board boasts several impressive features that contribute to its effectiveness. Firstly, it is 100% waterproof, ensuring that spills do not seep through and cause damage. Additionally, it can withstand wet foot traffic, providing reliable protection even in demanding conditions. 

This board is available in different thicknesses at Tiger Supplies. This will allow you to choose the appropriate level of impact resistance for their specific needs. Most importantly, it meets the requirements of the Joint Code of Practice issue 9 for flame retardancy, ensuring compliance with industry standards.


Due to its versatility, the Flame Retardant Protection Board finds application in various scenarios. It can be used as a temporary protective barrier during construction or renovation projects. It shields delicate surfaces from the damage tools, equipment, or foot traffic can cause. 

Hammer Protection Board

The Hammer Protection Board is specifically designed to provide heavy-duty flame retardant protection. It offers the highest level of impact resistance among temporary protection boards available in the market. This makes it an excellent choice for environments where extreme durability is required.

Features and Benefits

The Hammer Protection Board excels in providing superior impact resistance, making it suitable for high-risk areas prone to heavy-duty usage. It offers environmentally friendly disposal options. 

The board can be easily cut to shape, allowing it to fit any space or surface. It effectively protects against liquid spills, dirt, and foot traffic, ensuring the integrity of the protected area.


The Hammer Protection Board finds extensive application in construction projects, where its heavy-duty nature is most beneficial. It offers exceptional protection for surfaces such as stairs, elevators, corridors, and doorways. The board's fire-retardant properties provide an added layer of safety in environments where fire hazards are a concern.

Carpet Safe - Flame Retardant Carpet Protection Film

This film ensures the safety and longevity of carpets during construction or event setups. It features a reverse wound adhesive surface, providing excellent slip resistance. The film is easy to roll out and smooth by hand, avoiding any rucking or travel that could create tripping hazards.

Features and Benefits

The embossed surface of the Carpet Safe film not only offers slip resistance but also contributes to its puncture and tear resistance. This ensures that the film remains intact, providing reliable protection even in high-traffic areas. The film's waterproof properties prevent spills from seeping through and damaging the carpet. Prior to removal, the film can be swept or vacuumed, minimising the spread of contamination.


This product is ideal for protecting carpets during construction, renovation, or event setups. It prevents accidental spills, dirt, and foot traffic from causing damage to the carpeted areas. The flame retardant feature ensures compliance with safety regulations, offering peace of mind in environments where fire risks are present.

At Tiger Supplies, you can also find Tack Mats and Floor Cards. If you have any queries regarding our range of Flame Retardant Protection, do not hesitate to contact us. Please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk