Disposable Masks

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Surgical/Medical Face Masks 

This kind of disposable face mask captures droplets exhaled when people talk, cough, or sneeze. In addition to filtering large droplets, medical face masks have a moisture-resistant outer layer. However, they are less likely to filter small aerosol particles that carry viruses due to a loose fit.

According to the levels of filtration, medical masks can be classified as follows:

  • Type I:  Masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 95%
  • Type II: Masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency of 98%

Types IR and IIR are breathing and splash resistant. 

Type I masks are functional in public places that require social distancing. Type II surgical face masks are designed to offer a higher level of protection and can be used by health and care professionals. They prevent droplets from reaching patients and working surfaces. But when it comes to bodily fluids and blood, only Type IIR masks are helpful. 

Tiger SuppliesType IIR surgical masks have the following characteristics:

  • 3 Layer filter to keep away any bacteria  and germs as well as pollen and dust
  • A layer that is splash-resistant against bodily fluids.
  • Breathable with non-irritating soft material offering maximum comfort
  • Available in the colour blue
  • Elasticated ear loops
  • Conforms to EN 14683 standards

Masks that comply with the  EN 14683 standard have been tested for bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability, microbial cleanliness and splash resistance.

FFP Respirator Masks

FFP (Filtering FacePiece) masks are fitted and can protect you from inhaling dangerous materials in the air and finer aerosol particles. They are made of sturdy material which covers the nose and mouth and creates a tight seal against the skin. 

They are classified into three types:

FFP1: MInimum level of protection. These masks have 80% filtering efficiency and protect you from breathing in dust particles like sawdust and sand. They don't protect you against toxic substances, bacteria, pollen or infectious particles.

FFP2: Their filtering efficiency is 94%. Some of these masks are unvalved, meaning that the filtering system is built into its layers. Depending on environmental factors, FFP2 masks can last up to 8 hours.

FFP3: This type is the most effective. Its filtering efficiency is 99% and the filtration material is thicker. Thus, these masks are valved to help you breathe. 

They are more comfortable so you can wear them for longer periods of time. Thanks to the valve, there is less moisture inside the mask and the skin remains dry.

We recommend you wear a respirator mask if you:

  • Handle or work near asbestos
  • May come into contact with fungal spores
  • Carry out activities that produce harmful particles 
  • Clean out abandoned buildings
  • Need to protect against virus transmission

Tiger Supplies’ FFP3 masks offer protection against harmful and toxic dust, mist and fumes. They can adjust to different face shapes and movements and have a nose cushion for increased comfort. We have reusable designs that are washable and hygienic. All of our masks conform to EN 149 standard.

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