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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Site Security products, including quality Chains to guarantee security at your workplace.

Construction site security is of the utmost importance. The UK construction industry is a multi-million-pound industry that is constantly affected by theft. Vehicles, machinery and metal are the prime targets for criminals.  And most burglaries go unsolved. Therefore, you should ensure that security plans, new tactics and techniques are in place to increase the chances that your site or property will be safe from thieves.

We offer several cost-effective site security solutions to improve site security, including high-security padlocks, high-quality fencing and chains.

Security chains

If you are going to buy a good quality padlock, you should go ahead and buy a good quality chain too. Otherwise, thieves are just going to cut the chain and leave your lock there.

Heavy-duty high-security chains are important for construction sites as they can be used to secure tools, equipment, and other items on the site. This helps to prevent theft or damage and ensures that all items are kept safe and secure. 

In addition, heavy-duty high-security chains can be used to secure site access points, such as gates, helping to keep out unauthorised personnel or vehicles. Finally, they can be used to secure large objects, such as machinery and vehicles, to prevent them from being moved or stolen.

Tiger Supplies’ security chains will provide maximum protection with long-lasting security. They are resistant to bolt cutters, hammers, saws and chisels. 


Most of our chains are made of galvanised steel and hardened steel. 

Galvanised steel is highly resistant to corrosion because the zinc coating creates a barrier that prevents air and moisture from reaching the steel, which would otherwise cause it to rust. Galvanised steel chains are very durable and have a long service life, making them a great choice for securing outdoor structures.

At Tiger Supplies, you can find quality Galvanised Steel Chains. They are high-tensile steel chains providing maximum security. You can use them in a variety of applications on building sites. They are 6mm thick and are cut to length in one-metre increments. 

Hardened steel chains are ideal for applications requiring high levels of durability and strength. Hardened steel chains are more resistant to wear, making them the best choice for heavy-duty applications.

We offer hardened square steel chains that provide maximum protection with long-lasting security. They are resistant to bolt cutters, hammers, saws and chisels and feature a protective textile outer sleeve to protect paintwork and rim. The narrow inner width of links defends against leverage attacks.

You can also take advantage of our combination of chains and padlocks. For instance, our High-Security Padlock & Sleeved Chain features a closed shackle padlock with 4 keys for added protection. Another good option is our Security Chain & Bolt in Canvas Bag.

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