Traffic Separators

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Whether it’s managing traffic on the road or on-site, Tiger Supplies provide a broad variety of Traffic Management Products, including Traffic Separators. 

What are traffic separators?

Traffic separators are physical barriers that are used to separate different types of traffic. They are typically made of metal, concrete, or plastic and are designed to prevent vehicles from crossing into dangerous areas or entering restricted areas. Traffic separators can also be used to create designated lanes and to provide guidance to drivers. 

Advantages of traffic separators

Traffic separators have several advantages. They can help to reduce traffic congestion by creating designated lanes for different types of vehicles. They can also help to improve safety by preventing vehicles from crossing into dangerous areas or entering restricted areas. Additionally, traffic separators can help to reduce noise pollution by providing a physical barrier between different types of traffic.

Our range of Traffic Separators is of high quality and manufactured by reputable brands.

RB22 Safety Barrier is manufactured from prime UV-stabilised polyethene. This product is versatile yet strong. It is a flexible one-piece system that withstands wind speeds of up to 78 mph.

Another great option is the Oxford Wall MKII which has been manufactured from blow moulded UV stabilised polyethene. This design is easy to assemble and interlink and can be filled with water or stand for extra stability. The Oxford Wall MKII is designed to stack efficiently for easier and cheaper transport and comes in red and white as standard. It is ideal for use at docks, airports and construction sites.

This product is approved under our Project Kaiyo™ initiative, accomplishing one or more of our environmentally friendly objectives. In this case, the goal accomplished is that the product has been manufactured in the UK.

We also offer GB2 Mesh Panels. Mesh panels for GB2 Heavy Duty Barrier Produced from galvanised tube and powder coated to allow for a highly visible system. Anti-climb mesh and hoarding panels can be securely fitted to the barrier. Panels are connected using a standard fence coupler. Fully stackable and deployed with ease. MIRA Wind Speed Test: 75 mph. Each panel comes with 1 post and 1 clip. The GB2 Hoarding Fence Panel is available on request.

Another great recommendation is our Barrier Fencing. This is the high-visibility durable barrier mesh for construction sites and roadways. Tough yet flexible, this mesh is available in a range of colours and is waterproof and reusable. 

Traffic Management Branded Products

Branding opportunities are available on many traffic management products. Some of the benefits of branding include:

  • Brand marketing- This is an opportunity for you to display your company logo.
  • Professional image- Printed items are generally much more professional looking than standard.
  • Theft-deterrent- Branded products also declare ownership and are likely to deter thieves.

Use the navigation above to browse our range of Traffic Management solutions. Other traffic management solutions include Pedestrian Barriers, Warning and Hazard Lights and Temporary Traffic Signs. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at