Ladies Footwear

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Items 1 - 10 of 10

We offer a superb selection of Ladies Footwear with products that have been designed to accentuate the shape of the female feet and protect them. Unlike men’s safety footwear, ladies’ footwear often comes in smaller sizes, with most models available in sizes 2 to 8.

Ladies Footwear Styles

Our range of Protective Footwear designed for Ladies includes: 

  • Work boots 
  • Safety shoes
  • Safety trainers

Wearing protective footwear prevents potential injuries in fast-moving work environments. Work boots, safety shoes and safety trainers can protect you from falling objects, extreme heat, and harmful chemicals. 

By wearing work boots, you can avoid slip-and-fall accidents and muscle strains. Safety shoes and safety trainers are a functional alternative to safety boots depending on the work environment. Safety trainers are practical for workers who want a more casual look.

When to wear protective footwear

There are several hazards to feet in the workplace including

  • Cuts and punctures
  • Falling objects
  • Chemical splash
  • Slipping
  • Electrostatic buildup

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), you should wear protective footwear if you are facing a real risk of injury at your workplace. But several occupations require workers to wear safety footwear at all times to protect their feet and ankles.

We recommend you wear protective footwear if you have to deal with heavy and sharp objects and handle corrosive and poisonous materials. If there are electrical hazards and slippery surfaces in your workplace, wearing work boots, safety shoes or safety trainers could save your life.

Ladies Footwear Features

We recommend you read the product specification to select the footwear that best suits your needs. Here are some of the features to consider:

Toe Protection: Our designs come with either steel or composite toe caps.

Midsole Protection: Many of our designs have either a composite or steel midsole for protection.

Water Resistance: Some of our Women’s Footwear models are water resistant like the VX950A Onyx Ladies Safety Boot.

Heat Resistant Sole: This feature is useful in industrial settings. The V1720 Intrepid IGS Ladies Hiker Boot Black will protect your feet from the heat.

Slip Resistance: Many of our designs are slip resistant to prevent slip and fall accidents. You can wear these shoes in work environments where water or oil spills occur frequently. 

Anti Static Sole: Many women’s shoes in our selection have been designed to minimise static electricity and prevent electric shocks. Anti-static soles reduce the effects of static charge build-up.

These are other features of our footwear collection to consider:

  • Padded tongue for extra comfort
  • Shock-absorbent sole
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Soft padded ergonomic collar 
  • Foot cushioning 

EN Standard: Most of our Ladies Footwear models are EN ISO 20345 certified and meet the main requirements for general-purpose safety footwear. 

If you want to know more about our wide range of Safety Footwear, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team. 

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