Burns Kits

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Items 1 - 5 of 5

Tiger Supplies’ wide range of first aid products includes a quality selection of Burns Kits.

Burns can be caused by direct heat, chemical burns and radiological burns. These accidents can result in swelling, blisters, white or charred skin, or red or peeling skin. It is important to pay attention to these injuries as you may not feel pain in some cases. 

Some studies indicate there is no correlation between the amount of pain you feel and the severity of the burn. Some burns are relatively painless, even if they are very serious.

If the BSA (Body Surface Area) of a burn exceeds 15% in adults, they will have to be hospitalised for intravenous fluid resuscitation as vital organs may have been compromised. 

The term "scalping" refers to the traumatic separation of the skin from the head as a result of an accident. Neither lacerations nor surgical procedures involving deliberate removal of skin are included.

We offer different sizes of Burn Kits and dressings so that you are ready to deal with this kind of injury.

An ordinary dressing is a pad of cloth or gauze that absorbs blood and controls bleeding. They prevent wounds from becoming infected and allow them to heal. To prevent infection, dressings must be sterile and large enough to cover the wound. Various sizes are available, so choosing the right one for a specific wound is crucial.

Our Burns Dressing is ideal if you want to treat burns, scalds and sunburns. This emergency first-aid burn dressing will absorb and dissipate heat and prevent contamination.

Our Spectra Burns First Aid System Module is a smart option. All workplaces are unique, the first aid requirements are too. This product allows you to choose from the 6 individual options that will let you create the workplace First Aid System that meets your risk assessment requirements. Select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 panels for your system – any combination is possible. It is ideal for the treatment of minor burns and it includes various-sized dressings to relieve pain, cool, and comfort.

You can choose between Astroplast’s Piccolo and Mezzo Burns Kits. The Piccolo Burns Kit is a compact burns dispenser ideal for use in the home, workplace or on holiday. This burn first aid kit is suitable for emergency care on burns, scalds and sunburn. Burn gels moisturise, cool and soothe, minimising trauma and helping to prevent infection. 

The Mezzo Burns Kits contain Sterikool and Hydrogel burns dressings. This kit is HSE compliant and meets the minimum approved code of practice. It has integrated spacing for contents for ease of use and it is wall mountable.

Tips for maintaining or replacing the contents of a first aid kit

Be sure to check kits regularly, as sterile items often have an expiry date. It is essential to replace expired products and dispose of them safely. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer to determine how long sterile items can be kept if they do not have an expiry date. Check the functionality of undated non-sterile items.

You can also find First Aid Kits, Drug and Alcohol Tests, and Defibrillators at Tiger Supplies. For more information about dressings, bandages, and workplace first aid supplies, please contact our sales team at 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.