Welders Overalls & Boiler Suits

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a high-quality selection of Welders’ Overalls and Boiler Suits that are ideal for environments where abrasive chemicals are common and where there is a risk of hot welding spatter.

If you are a welder, you must be dressed safely for the everyday tasks you perform. This way, sparks and embers will not penetrate the fabric and cause injury.

With our welding overalls and boiler suits, you will be safe and capable of focusing on your job. Tiger Supplies’ Overalls and Boiler Suits have flame-retardant finishes (FR). These garments often feature ample storage space with breast pockets,  side pockets, or a rule pocket.

Some of our industrial overalls also include flame-resistant reflective tape on the shoulders, sleeves and legs. They also have the option to insert knee pads when needed to prevent injuries when you are in a kneeling position.

 In addition, our overalls and boiler suits conform to several international standards, such as 

  • EN531 
  • EN533
  • EN470
  • EN11611
  • EN11612

We recommend the Bizweld Flame Resistant Overall. It is made of cotton with a Bizweld 330 finish. The composition of the fabric prevents sparks and embers from creating tiny holes in your clothes and causing red marks on your arms. Thus, cotton is a great fabric for welders as it reduces the risk of holes in your clothing. Overalls made of cotton are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear and move in.

The Bizweld Flame Resistant Overall complies with the EN ISO 11611:2007 and EN ISO 11612:2008 standards. The EN ISO 11611:2007 is the standard for protective clothing for welding and allied processes. It specifies the minimum safety requirements and test methods for clothing that ensure protection against splashes of molten metal, flame and radiant heat from an electric arc used for welding. Workwear that conforms to this standard can minimise the possibility of electrical shock.

The BIZ5 Flame Retardant Coverall With Hi Vis Strips offers protection against radiant, convective and contact heat as well as class 2 welding and molten metal splash. This design conforms to EN 470-1, EN 531, and  EN 533 standards. It features a concealed stud front for easy access, stud adjustable cuffs for a secure fit, knee pad pockets and 8 pockets for ample storage.

We also offer heavyweight cotton boiler suits made of flame-retardant fabric. They feature concealed stud front and breast pockets. Our boiler suits conform to EN531 and EN470 standards.

We recommend that you browse our wide range of Welders’ Workwear and PPE, from prestigious manufacturers, such as JSP and Scott Safety. In addition to Welders’ Overalls and Boiler Suits, Welders’ Jackets and Aprons, Welders’ Face Shields, and Welders Gauntlets & Gloves are also available.

If you have questions about which product you should purchase for your workplace and employees,  please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Get in touch with us today if you need assistance. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk