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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a selection of Traffic Mirrors to meet your Traffic Management needs. 

When visibility on the road is limited, traffic mirrors are a must. These reflective devices have been designed to alert drivers to the presence of oncoming traffic at blind junctions or similar dangerous situations. Convex traffic mirrors allow vehicles to navigate these areas more safely.

Their design allows individuals to see far more than standard mirrors. They are usually mounted above the roadway at a certain height, and reflect the headlights of approaching vehicles so that you can see them in the mirror and adjust your speed or direction accordingly.

Benefits of traffic mirrors

  • Drivers can see things, such as obstacles, from a wider angle.
  • They can provide a both-side view so that drivers and pedestrians can be aware of any vehicles.
  • Traffic mirrors prevent fatal accidents, such as those that happen uphill on mountain roads. Traffic mirrors are commonly seen on mountain roads, as those roads are dangerous to drive on.
  • Traffic mirrors will improve your reaction time. They allow you to slow down if you see a car approaching at high speed.
  • They provide you with a rearview, so you can let other cars pass. Pedestrians can also take advantage of this to cross the road safely.
  • Often, drivers need to give directions to other drivers. Mirrors help by mirroring your gestures and the car's turn signals.

Busy schools can also have traffic mirrors placed outside if there is insufficient visibility and blind corners. And if your driveway is on a curve, you can also place a traffic mirror at the exit. That way you will know that the road is clear before you pull out. 

Mirrors can be placed in a way that minimises the risk of vandalism or damage. Home and business owners can use these devices with CCTV systems simultaneously for added security in alleys and driveways.

When used in conjunction with CCTV cameras and other security devices, traffic mirrors widen the field of view and provide blind spot visibility. This allows the cameras to capture everything on footage.

Tips on how to install a traffic mirror

Traffic mirrors should be placed at intersections, in car parks and near sharp curves or blind spots.

You may be wondering how high you should place your traffic mirror. Mirrors should be positioned at eye level if possible. If the traffic mirror is positioned too high, it can cause eyestrain for those looking at it.

When fitting a traffic mirror, it should be installed at the height of the vehicle's headlights and at an angle so that the driver can see the reflection of approaching vehicles.

These devices are often mounted to:

  • posts
  • walls
  • trees
  • telephone poles

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