Safety Shoes

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Our range of Protective Footwear will ensure your feet are protected at work whilst looking smart. Tiger Supplies’ Safety Shoes are a stylish option for your feet protection needs. They come in various sizes and comply with the necessary safety standards. 

Our safety shoes styles

You can choose from a variety of styles, including heavy-duty shoes and some footwear classics such as Oxford shoes and Brogue shoes.

Oxford Shoes 

Among the English shoe designs, the Oxford is probably the most elegant and famous. We recommend our 9072 Black Oxford Executive Shoes, which are made with quality leather. The Oxford shoe is perfect for formal settings, such as important work meetings and interviews.

Brogue Shoes 

Brogue shoes have a traditional design consisting of a low heel and sturdy leather upper with aesthetic perforations and serrations. The perforations allow the shoes to dry quickly in wet weather. 

Our Standard Black Brogue Safety Shoes have a lightweight sole and a leather upper with a fully breathable lining. Black brogues are ideal for special occasions. To give your style a more heritage feel, pair them with a three-piece suit.

Slip-On Shoes

The slip-on design is highly convenient if you work in the food, hospitality, or medical industries. The FW81 SlipOn Black Safety Shoes are practical, safe and durable. They come with a microfibre upper that is easy to clean. If your workplace has strict chemical or sanitary regulations, our slip-on safety shoes will save the day.  


Some relevant safety features

Our Safety Shoes comply with EN ISO 20345. Thus, they have been tested against this standard, which specifies the basic and optional requirements for safety footwear. We recommend that you read the product information which details the characteristics of our designs so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Toe Cap

Our safety footwear has toe caps, which are a protective reinforcement at the end of the shoe to prevent injury to the toes from falling objects. They can be made of steel or composite materials such as fibreglass.

Midsole protection

This feature protects feet from puncture injuries caused by sharp objects. Our safety shoes may have steel midsoles or composite midsoles. Steel midsoles are stronger and withstand higher impact. On the other hand, composite midsoles are more flexible, lighter, and offer higher thermal insulation.


Many of our safety shoes are anti-static, which makes them ideal for a working environment where there are electrical hazards. By wearing our safety shoes with anti-static soles, you will minimise static electricity and avoid suffering an electric shock.

Slip resistance

You will find different types of safety shoes with slip-resistant soles within our range. They are effective in preventing slips and trips on ceramic and steel surfaces.

Other convenient features not to be missed are:

  • Oil resistance
  • Acid resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Heat resistance

If you need Protective Footwear, feel free to check our vast range. We can help you if you have any queries. Please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at