Shovels & Spades

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Our wide range of Contractors Tools includes Shovels and Spades to suit your needs.

Shovel Guide

Open Socket 

Open socket shovels are used for moving loose earth, sand,  gravel and grain, etc. They are hot pressed from pre-cut sheets of either hot rolled heavy-gauge carbon steel or aluminium sheet. They are not primarily designed for digging or levering. This type of shovel is easily identified as Open Socket by the fact that the end of the handle (normally wood) can be seen protruding through the bottom of the pressed socket.

Solid Socket

Solid socket tools have their blades and sockets hot, double roll formed from one single piece of best quality steel. The socket is forged as an integral part of the blade. This type of tool is readily identified by the fact that the handle fits into a ‘blind’ socket. Solid socket tools are preferred for heavy shovelling out, back filling trenches, mixing concrete, tarmac and ballast work.

Shovel Handle Types

T Handle

Plain and economical type of T-Grip. The handle top is mortised, tenoned, and glued possessing good strength characteristics. 

Polypropylene YD

‘Y’ or ‘D’ shaped grip, moulded from high impact polypropylene to comfortably fit the hand. Totally weatherproof and easy to clean.

Metal MYD

Used for contractors and heavy industrial tools. Manufactured from a tough steel frame and fitted with a robust wooden hilt with rivets to resist twisting.

All Steel MYD

Used for contractors and heavy industrial tools. Steel handles are often welded into the body of the shovel socket for extra strength and rigidity, producing a very strong tool for digging.


Designed for extremely heavy-duty industrial use. Chemically bonded into solid socket tools, these shafts are over 30% stronger than ‘all metal’ types.


Designed to produce a high degree of strength and comfort with a profile moulded PYD hand grip. Fibreglass core is coated with polypropylene sheathing.

Shaped Long Shafts

Designed to give a longer reach on a tool, so that the user does not have to bend. The wooden handle has a ‘waisted’ diameter for easier manipulation and a ‘knobbed’ end.

All Steel

For heavy-duty industrial work including digging or lifting material out of trenches – giving a much longer reach for the more arduous tasks. Manufactured in steel or fibreglass.

Tips to maintain your shovels and spades

To care for your digging tools, consider the following tips:

  • Remove all the soil from your shovels and spades after each use.
  • Don’t put them away wet. You should allow your tools to dry completely. 
  • If you use any tools for chemical applications, clean them thoroughly. Chemicals such as fertilisers can corrode the metal parts of the shovels and spades.

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