Access Equipment

Access equipment is a sensible and practical option for low-risk tasks when working at height. The important thing is to make sure you use the correct type of equipment and you know how to use it safely.

A competent person should use all Access Equipment in its erection /use/dismantling or operation. This is essential for the safety and wellbeing of everyone nearby. Safety when working at height is paramount. And here at Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of safe Access Equipment options:


Low-Level Platform: This product is excellent if you are a travelling tradesperson or DIY enthusiast who often needs a little more height and space to do a task. A lightweight and compact work platform, Tiger Supplies’ Low-Level Folding Platform has a broad base and splayed legs for stability. It has been designed so you can easily store it and transport it.


Step Ladder: Our step ladders are useful for several jobs in the workplace and at home. Their design will allow you to work at height safely. We have a variety of Lyte Step Ladders:

  • Platform : It has a slim design. Its rubberised feet provide slip resistance and floor protection. 
  • Swingback: If you are looking for powered access equipment with increased strength and stability, this is a great choice.
  • Heavy Duty: This step ladder has a unique strengthening beam incorporated into non-slip treads.
  • Glassfibre: Consider using this step ladder where electrical hazards exist. Our Lyte Professional Glassfibre Swingback Step Ladder is non-conductive to 30,000 volts.

Extension Ladders: Tiger Supplies count with 2-Section and 3-Section Extension Ladders that have an easy-to-fit stabiliser bar which reduces the risk of sideways slips.

Your safe movement and access to sloped roofs are guaranteed with our Roof Ladder. This extension ladder has the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy-duty ridge hook to keep it in place and safety catches.


Our Telescopic Extendable Ladder is another option to consider with a maximum load capacity of 150kg/330lbs (including the weight of user, tools & materials). It is a secure piece of equipment as each step in the ladder has a pair of locking mechanisms consisting of spring-loaded steel pins that automatically lock into place as the ladder is extended.


Ladder Accessories: Tiger Supplies’ Ladder Rack Clamp Set ensures the safe and easy transportation of most ladders on motor vehicles. It will reduce the risk of theft and free up interior vehicle space. You can padlock it for extra security.


Trucks and Trolleys: Tiger Supplies’ range of trucks and trolleys includes the following:

  • Heavy Duty Sack Truck: You will easily transport your cargo any distance 
  • Pallet Truck: It is essential for tough use in the workplace (warehouses and production)
  • Armorgard Rubble Truck: It has been ergonomically designed for maximum performance and efficiency. It is ideal for handling waste and rubble and has a loading capacity of 750kg and a 400L capacity scoop.
  • 3 in 1 Sack Truck: With pneumatic tyres, this sack truck also converts to a supported truck and a platform trolley.  It has a maximum load weight of 250kgs. You will find it ideal for use within warehouses, hospitals as well as commercial and industrial environments.
  • Armorgard LoadAll: These ingenious trolleys are a game changer when it comes to moving plasterboard, wood, metal and other large-sheet materials around sites. It is foldable so you can store it easily. Its centre a-frame design ensures that the weight is centred when loaded. LoadAll is available in a variety of sizes and is certified to carry up to 1 tonne of material. 

Lifting Equipment: Tiger Supplies counts with nylon and polyester straps which are a more versatile solution than substitute products like wire rope or chain options. For lifting glass, we recommend 2 and 3 Suction Pad Glass Lifters, which are useful for carrying heavy and awkward items.

Tips for working at height via access

  • Eliminate the risk of falls by selecting the right equipment
  • Where the risk of fall can’t be eliminated, use other means or equipment to minimise the falling distance and consequences, should one occur (fall arrest PPE etc.)
  • Plan how to complete the task safely before ascending access equipment
  • Ensure the task is completed by a competent person
  • Ensure that the task is supervised


How to safety check ladders

For the user’s safety, a “pre-use” check should be carried out on any ladder:

  • By the user
  • At the beginning of the working day
  • After something has changed, (e.g. a ladder has been dropped or moved from a dirty area to a clean area. Check the state or condition of the feet.

What should be checked for damage?


Platform (Step ladders)

Make sure it is not split or buckled, else the ladder will be unstable to stand on.



Make sure they are not bent or damaged, as the ladder could buckle or collapse


Locking Mechanism

Make sure they are not or use any worn fixings. Test that the lock is engaged.


Tread of Steps

Make sure they are not slippery or using loose fixings



Make sure they are not bent, worn, missing or loose as the ladder could fall.



Make sure they are not missing, worn or damaged as the ladder could slip.


Most of Tiger Supplies’ access equipment is EN131-certified. EN131 is a standard covering safety requirements for ladders made of metal and other materials.