Embossing & Branding

Embossing & Branding

Personalise your protective safety helmets with embossed images and logos. Apply your company logo or create your own bespoke message to fit across a number of locations on any hard hat. Ideal for improving easy identification of key members of staff and providing a clear and direct advertising space for promotional events and campaigns.

By using the available space on each hard hat at either the front, side or rear Tiger Supplies can create a tailored design to meet your branding and safety needs. To give a professional finish the use of pad printing or adhesive logos allows you to make your employees stand out from the crowd and bring your company to the forefront on any project.

Heat Sealing

We offer a complete heat sealing service enabling the personalisation of your garments by applying logos and lettering to your exact requirements.

Text and logos can be reflective, flame retardant and supplied in various levels of durability subject to your requirement and usage.

Heat Sealing

Embroidery Service


Customise your clothing and work wear with your own company logo. Embroidery can be applied to a wide range of locations on work wear, leisurewear, head protection and many other items of professional clothing.

To give a a long lasting, high quality logo the use of durable stitching via a computer controlled process ensures that precision, quality logos are applied repeatedly.

For more specialist clothing; Flame Retardant stitching is available along with a wide selection of thread colours to create any logo you need.

Traffic Product Branding

Personalise your traffic management systems by using the range of customisable traffic products from Tiger Supplies.

We are able to brand your company logo and use your company colours to colour code individual sections of pedestrian barriers and road cones. Using hot foil printing we can apply your logo to barrier boards and barriers to help identify your barrier systems when working on large projects.

Inform the public about important information regarding your work and help prevent theft by personalising your traffic and pedestrian control products. Speak to one on our advisors today about creating your own bespoke traffic and pedestrian systems.

Traffic Product Branding

Bespoke Signage

Bespoke Signage

The Tiger Supplies Sign shop offers a complete design and manufacture service for bespoke signs, banners and hoardings. We work with our customers to produce signage and advertisements that have been developed using the latest design software.

• As many colours, logos, photos and text as you wish

• Supplied in a wide range of base materials.

• No minimum order quantity

• Nationwide supply and fit service available

• Rapid delivery

We have been making signage for over ten years and we are able to help you keep up to date with the latest Health & Safety and legislation requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Tiger Supplies are able to help service and maintain your on site extinguishers and cover a range of services including:

• Commissioning Service by a Competent Person

• Maintenance Overview

• Basic Service by Competent Person

• Extended Service and Overhaul

• Recharging of Extinguishers

• Replacement of Components

• Evaluation of Fitness for Service

• Condemning Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Prescription Eyewear

Prescription Safety Eyewear

Available in a range of stylish designs the latest prescription safety eyewear from Bolle is available at Tiger Supplies.

Manufactured to specification, each set of lenses can be applied into a range of frame designs. Using three types of lens materials and three types of lens design (single vision, bifocal and progressive) we can tailor your eyewear to meet your vision requirements.

Created to help you maintain your vision in hazardous environments without having to rely on multiple pairs of eyewear, our extensive range of will provide protection from a range of impact and splash hazards with the same protection ratings as standard safety eyewear.

Simply call us to complete a form detailing your specific eye examination details and your fitting sizes and we will arrange to have the eyewear of your choice made without delay.

Training & Toolbox Talks

At Tiger Supplies we believe that Health and Safety is paramount, we aim to help to provide a safer working environment by bringing Health and Safety to the forefront of every individual's mind, ensuring that they work as safely as possible.

Training and Toolbox talks are the most effective way of communicating important information to your workforce. Keeping them updated on matters that affect their immediate health and safety onsite ‘toolbox talks’ help staff members fully understand the benefits and limitations of the protective equipment they use.

We offer training and toolbox talk services that are carried out on site and are specific to the new product about to be used. They reinforce Health & Safety task method statements and are designed to be short, informative and to the point. They last approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Training & Toolbox Talks

Bespoke Catalogue Service

Bespoke Catalogue Service

We are pleased to be able to offer account holders our new Bespoke Catalogue Service. This service enables you to create a bespoke catalogue containing the product sections that you are most interested in purchasing. Distributing a personalised catalogue helps to enhance your corporate image while controlling products that have been approved for use.

This catalogue service enables you to limit the range of products that you make available to your colleagues and also provide details to your clients of the level of PPE and safety that you insist upon as part of your commitments to Health and Safety.

Our in-house graphic design service and longstanding relationships with national printers and photographers, allows us to offer the best possible design and quality.

Contact us for more information and to find out what we are able to produce for you.

Technical Support & Customer Services

We support all of our customers with a friendly, professional and courteous service that provides technical support and product information on all the items we stock and supply.

Tiger Supplies can be reached by phone, email, fax and post.

Technical Support & Customer Services -

T: 0844 848 3444 Open Hours: 8:00am to 5:30pm.

Accounts Department -

T: 01376 333 731 Open Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Tiger Supplies Technical Support and Customer Services is available Monday to Friday during the hours stated above.

Technical Support & Customer Service