Rigger Boots

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Tiger Supplies provide a vast range of safety footwear. Especially, Safety Rigger Boots which are perfect for working in several industries.

Rigger boots provide maximum protection and safety, which makes them one of the most popular types of protective footwear. Available in an array of styles, these safety shoes can protect you from chemicals, fire, and water. Covering about a third of the leg, these boots offer thermal insulation and waterproof safety as many of them are penetration-resistant. 

Most of these safety boots have a tan leather appearance. Some of their unique features are:

  • Internal fur lining ( To keep your feet warm and dry)
  • Pull-on loops at the top of the shaft (To help you put your rigger boots on easily)
  • Steel toe cap (To protect your toes from falling objects and compression)

Tigger Supplies’ rigger boots are unbeatable in safety and comfort. When choosing the right rigger boot for you, don't forget to read the product specification:

    • Toe protection: The toe cap can be made of composite or steel.
    • Midsole protection: Most of our boots have a steel midsole for protection.
    • Heat resistance: The resistance of some of our products ranges from 150℃ up to 300℃
    • Water resistance: We have waterproof options
    • Slip-resistant sole: This feature will prevent you from having slip and fall accidents. In a work setting where oil or water spills occur often, it is wise to wear boots. The sole material makes the boot grip better on slippery ground.

  • Anti-static sole: If you work at a fuel plant, a mine, or a workshop, you may need anti-static footwear. Most of our rigger boots have been designed to minimise static electricity. This type of sole reduces the effects of static charge build-up. This way you will prevent the risk of electric shock.
  • EN Standard: All of Tiger Supplies’ rigger boots are EN ISO 20345-certified. This certification determines the main requirements for general-purpose safety footwear. EN 20345 includes the requirements related to ergonomic behaviour, slip resistance, and thermal and mechanical risks.

Our best-selling boots count with most of these features, and additionally, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • A padded ankle region 
  • A cushion area for the calf region
  • Antibacterial insoles 
  • Chemical-resistant insoles (oil and acid resistance)
  • Shock absorber heel

When should you replace your rigger boots?

In the right conditions, your boots can last many years. However, when you use them daily, they will last for  6 to 12 months.  You should consider the following factors that contribute to footwear degradation:

  • Extreme temperatures can harm the components 
  • Performing no maintenance or cleaning routines 
  • Misuse, such as using your boots to kick or move objects 
  • Accidents

How to maintain your rigger boots?

To ensure your boots last for a long time, you should take good care of them. Some of our recommendations are:

  • Avoid cleaning your boots using harsh chemicals 
  • Let them dry naturally, don’t force dry your rigger boots
  • Don’t wear your boots before they are completely dry

How to clean your safety footwear?

In your workplace, chemicals, materials, and equipment can damage your footwear. The purpose of rigger boots is to protect you, but remember to clean them properly so you can enjoy them for a long time. 

You need to clean and maintain your safety footwear based on the upper materials. In the case of boots with leather upper, remove all significant chunks of dirt or other substances from the upper using water and a cloth.

Improve the durability of leather with a leather cleaner and a weather-resistant spray or gel.

Get unbeatable safety and comfort with our range of Rigger Boots, regardless of your industry.