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Due to their easy customisation and extensive sizing options, Tiger Supplies’ High Visibility Shirts are a popular choice. Our T-shirts and Polo Shirts are available in sizes ranging from S up to 5XL

The primary role of hi-vis shirts is to make you stand out. This way you are visible from all angles during poor lighting conditions or in a potentially hazardous situation. This will ensure you are safe and prevent accidents from occurring. 

Our shirts conform to EN ISO 20471. This standard defines the minimum amount of reflective material a garment should have to be deemed safe for the wearer’s needs. Our shirts offer high visibility, with many of them being Class 2 or Class 3 according to the standards.

But Tiger Supplies’ Hi-Vis Shirts have even more convenient features that will make your working life easier.

The inbuilt ventilation of our shirts ensures you remain cool during the summer months. In addition, polyester is the main fabric in our shirts, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the winter. They can be combined with our Hi-Vis Trousers and Jackets for use all year round.

The main characteristics of Tiger Supplies’ Hi-Vis Shirts are:

  • Breathability: Wicking fabrics channel moisture away from the body and have quick-drying properties. This type of fabric absorbs and moves water to the surface of the shirt where it can evaporate easily.

 Our shirts are made of wicking polyester fibres, which allow the air to enter and leave freely. These features will keep you dry and comfortable as it helps regulate your body temperature.

Tiger Supplies’ Hi-Vis T-Shirt is a popular choice for its breathable fabric and compliance with EN ISO 20471 Class 2.  It comes in orange and yellow and features 2 band and brace reflective tape.

  • UV Protection: Many of our shirts conform to the British Standard EN 13758-2 for UV-Protective Clothing. This standard describes the marking and classification of UV-protective clothing. The composition and tightness of the fabric contribute to the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of our garments. 

Our EcoViz Newport Poly/Bamboo T-Shirt has been designed to protect the wearer against ultraviolet radiation exposure. Its UPF 40+ fabric (a mix of polyester and bamboo) will protect you from the sun when working outdoors.

  • Eco Friendly: At Tiger Supplies, we care about sustainability. We have a range of environmentally friendly hi-vis T-shirts and polo shirts crafted from recycled polyester.

We recommend the EcoViz Croyde Poly/Bamboo Polo Shirt. This is a sustainable garment made from polyester and bamboo, which provides a super soft feel. In addition, bamboo has antimicrobial properties. This hi-vis polo shirt has a navy blue collar, which gives you a more elegant look. 

Our selection of hi-vis shirts can display company logos and branding. Our Custom Hi-Vis Clothing service enhances brand image and marketing immensely,  and it increases customers’ trust in the staff.

Get your company logo or artwork on any garment. Contact us for more information. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.