Spirit Levels

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Our vast range of measuring tools includes a variety of spirit levels. The purpose of spirit levels is to determine whether a surface is perfectly level. 

You should place the spirit level in the centre of the object you are levelling. The bubble in the vial will be exactly in the middle of the two lines if the object you are measuring is level. It is necessary to adjust the height at one end of the object if the bubble is too far to the left or right.

Spirit levels are essential tools for surveyors, bricklayers, contractors and tradespeople such as:

  • Masons
  • Woodworkers and carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers

DIY enthusiasts also benefit from having this tool. Having the right spirit level will make the difference between a successful job and a complete failure.

Types of Spirit Levels

We have a variety of spirit levels to suit your needs, including box beam levels and torpedo levels.

Box beam levels: Box levels are versatile tools with a rectangular or box-shaped lever frame and handgrips for easy handling. Box levels are ideal for measuring flat surfaces horizontally and vertically.

Our box beam spirit level is made of lightweight aluminium and comes with sturdy handgrips and shock-absorbing end caps to protect the level if dropped. The Stanley FatMax Pro Box Beam Spirit Level has solid-block acrylic vials to provide an accuracy of 0.5mm/m in eight orientations. 

Torpedo levels: This type of spirit level is usually shorter to level tight spaces where standard levels would not fit. Our Stanley FatMax Torpedo Level comes with a magnetic base and 3 vials. The magnetic base makes this model ideal for installing machinery, air conditioning ducting or shelving. 

Tiger Supplies’ spirits levels are precision engineered to ensure maximum accuracy. They come in a variety of sizes, mostly ranging from 600 to 1800mm.

Tips to use spirit levels

  • Before checking the levelness of a surface, we recommend that you select the appropriate model of level. 
  • If it has been used before, clean it so that no material or dirt is present and remove all buildup from the edges.

To check the accuracy of your level:

  • You will need to mark a line along the bottom edge of the wall.  After that, flip the level over so that the bottom becomes the top. Place the new top edge along the marked line. If the bubble is not centred, your level is defective. 

Once you confirm your level is accurate:

  • You should place the level on the surface of the object you want to measure. 
  • Your eyes should be aligned with the tool. It is sometimes advisable to close one eye to get an accurate reading.
  • Pay attention to the position of the bubble inside the vial. If it is centred, exactly in the middle between the two lines in the vial, your object is level.
  • If you see that the bubble is either to the right or the left of the lines, then you need to adjust the object.

At Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide variety of measuring tools such as Tape Measures and Framing Squares. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us.