Disposable Gloves

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Disposable gloves are single-use protective gloves intended to protect you from hazardous objects, substances, sharp items and biological materials. 

Glove Materials

Tiger Supplies has a wide range of gloves made from the following materials:

Latex: This is the most popular material of the disposable glove. It protects you from biohazards and can be worn for long periods of time. This material is more biodegradable and environmentally friendly than the others. Latex gloves can be wash-proof and detergent-safe.

Tiger Supplies’ latex gloves are a popular choice for workers within the medical, food, and industrial industries. They are suitable for contact with all food types and conform to EN 1186.

They are flexible and have an exceptional fit, sensitivity and dexterity. You will be well protected when handling infectious materials. We have low protein latex gloves for latex-sensitive users.  

Vinyl: This is a soft material that provides a comfortable fit and offers protection during a range of activities. This material has anti-static properties. Vinyl is less elastic than latex. It’s a great choice for work in the beauty and hair industries and food manufacturing.

Tiger Supplies have vinyl gloves with beaded cuffs to provide extra strength and forearm protection. Cuffs prevent liquid from rolling back. Our gloves are suitable for contact with non-fatty food types and are EN 1186-certified.

Nitrile: This material has superior strength and is tear and puncture-resistant. It is also resistant to oil, grease, and chemicals. Nitrile is more resilient and has longer durability and shelf life.

Tiger Supplies’ nitrile gloves are micro-textured. This characteristic provides a non-slip surface. These gloves are helpful when tasks require a good grip and are commonly used in industrial and mechanical applications. These versatile gloves are sure to suit the task at hand and conform to EN 455

If you use large quantities of disposable gloves, our nitrile gloves are a cost-effective option

Both vinyl and nitrile disposable gloves are better choices for individuals allergic to latex.

Powdered and Powder-Free Gloves

Disposable gloves can be covered with donning powders and dusting, such as corn starch, which facilitates the absorption of perspiration. In clinical settings, powder-free gloves are a better option for preventing cross-contamination.

Industry Standards

EN 455 is the standard that determines the requirements that gloves for single use should meet. Gloves must be able to act as a barrier against microorganisms. Their physical strength and dimensions are also tested. 

This standard also determines whether the gloves offer the necessary protection against hazardous materials.

EN 1186 (Food Contact) is the standard that helps identify whether gloves and other products can be used safely around food or come into contact with food.

Tiger Supplies has great options available. Many of our disposable work gloves have the added feature of being touch-screen compatible. You can use your mobile and other devices without having to remove gloves.

Contact us if you need assistance selecting the right option for you. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk