Concreting Equipment

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Concreting equipment is essential for contractors working in construction, as it enables them to mix and pour concrete with ease and precision. At Tiger Supplies, we offer a quality range of Concreting Equipment to help you do a good job.


Contractors use floats to ensure a level surface. Each time the float is pulled backwards, it levels the concrete surface by removing high spots and filling in low spots. It's crucial to note that floats come in various sizes. 

Smaller floats are suitable for tight corners on smaller surfaces and come without handles. In contrast, larger ones are more prevalent across construction sites and are made of either wood or magnesium. Magnesium floats are recommended for concrete with air entrainment, while wooden floats are suitable for other cases.

Our Big Blue Concrete Float has a tempered steel blade that achieves an ultra-fine finish. Its extra rounded corners prevent track marks when floating. The sprung steel blade glides over concrete while the surface is firm but workable. This product comes with a swivel and a handle.

Groove cutters and edgers 

To add grooves to concrete slabs for better functionality, groove cutters and edgers are essential tools. These tools are designed to cut through damp concrete using a blade or disc powered by a strong motor. Different blades are used depending on the nature of the project, and modern versions often come with laser guidance to increase precision.

It's important to note that groove cutters and edgers come in various sizes, including handheld tools and heavier, wheeled equipment for more demanding tasks.

Plate compactors

To ensure a strong foundation for construction projects, plate compactors are commonly used to compress the ground and remove air pockets. Air pockets can weaken the structure, causing it to collapse or become damaged under weight.

Plate compactors come in different sizes and models, from basic single plate compactors to heavy-duty ones with more manoeuvrability and greater force capacity. The basic plate compactor can exert a force ranging from 3000 to 5000 pounds, making it suitable for smaller projects. Meanwhile, heavy-duty compactors are ideal for more demanding operations that require a higher level of force.

Power hammers and drills 

Power hammers and drills are essential tools in construction sites, especially when it comes to working with concrete. These powerful tools are used to penetrate tough materials such as concrete. For instance, when contractors need to remove old concrete to install new pipes, power drills are commonly used. 

On the other hand, power hammers are popularly used in roadside construction, as they can easily crush concrete while being easy to transport and manoeuvre across the site. These tools are highly valuable to contractors as they make tough jobs more manageable and efficient.

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide an extensive variety of Hand Tools, which are essential for a wide range of construction and renovation projects. Investing in quality Hand Tools is essential for achieving excellent results.  Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of Hand Tool, including Hammers & Mallets, Screwdrivers, and Crowbars & Wrecking Bars.

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