Pedestrian Barriers

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Traffic management products are used to help manage and control traffic. These products include traffic signs, traffic signals, speed bumps, traffic barriers, pedestrian barriers and other products that are designed to help regulate the flow of traffic. Traffic management products are essential for ensuring the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Pedestrian barriers are physical structures that are used to separate pedestrians from traffic. They are typically made of metal, concrete, or plastic and are designed to prevent pedestrians from crossing into dangerous areas or entering restricted areas. Pedestrian barriers can also be used to create designated walkways and to provide guidance to pedestrians.

Our range of pedestrian barriers and safety barriers is of high quality and manufactured by reputable brands.

We recommend our JSP Titan™ Barrier c/w Anti-Trip Feet. The Titan has the option of having Anti trip feet which has a new scalloped design to prevent pedestrian/worker accidents. They are also painted in high-visibility yellow and feature two reflectors per foot for extra visibility in low-light situations.

This product meets the EN 12899-1 requirement. This standard gives the performance requirements and test methods for new trans-illuminated traffic bollards (TTBs).  It applies to Type 1 and Type 2 (TTBs).

In addition, the  JSP Titan™ Barrier c/w Anti-Trip Feet has water apertures which have been added to the one-piece mould so that when stacked, they do not collect water within the frames, and therefore do not add extra weight or inconvenience. The unique design and excellent foot quality ensure that there is no need to purchase spare feet

Another feature is the flexi-coupling clips that enable easy connecting and compatibility with not only other styles of JSP barriers but also other brands. Clips can be conveniently retained to give added rigidity.

On the other hand, the Titan Expander Barrier can conveniently link to JSP´s Titan® and Frontier Barriers.  When closed the Titan® Expander Barrier is just 550mm which makes it extremely practical for transporting and carrying around. It is also a flexible option. Its expanding action gives user length flexibility that fixed-length barrier systems do not have.

The Armorgard InstaGate features robust braked wheels allowing for easy movement and  placement. Its unique latching system secures the barrier in a closed position when not in use and can be used to extend to any length using additional modules. This product is highly visible with red and white markings. It is powder coated and weatherproof.

Traffic Management Branded Products

Branding opportunities are available on many traffic management products. Some of the benefits of branding include:

  • Brand marketing
  • Professional image
  • Theft deterrent

The price of branding varies from product to product. Generally, an initial cost is required, but any subsequent branding costs are constant.

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