Lawn & Grass Care

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Garden & Landscaping products, including a quality selection of Lawn & Grass Care to meet your gardening needs.

A nice landscape increases the value of any property. A nice garden is a good place to relax, organise activities and entertain employees, clients, and guests. Additionally, having a garden can increase the beauty of the neighbourhood and provide a habitat for wildlife.

Grass Seeds

At Tiger Supplies, you can purchase different types of grass seeds. We offer grass seeds that are ideal for:

  • large gardens
  • back gardens
  • playgrounds
  • field boundaries
  • around domestic buildings

Our Hard Wearing Grass Seed is a fast-growing seed mixture designed to stand up better against the wear and tear of repetitive use. It is ideal for back gardens and areas where children run around, play sports and ride bikes. This product is capable of some self-repair because of its quick recovery time and lateral regrowth into damaged or worn areas. We have larger bags available on request.

The Economic Grass Seed is ideal for large gardens and high-traffic amenity areas. This product has durable seedlings which quickly fill out once mowing or topping begins. To plant grass seeds make sure there is sufficient moisture and sunshine.

Unused grass seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place. Avoid places that are prone to freezing. It is important to label the type of seed, the date purchased, and the date it needs to be used by. If unused seeds have been stored for some time, you should check if they are still viable before use.


Take advantage of our selection of weedkillers. These are substances used to control the growth of unwanted plants, such as weeds. They can be used to eliminate existing weeds or to prevent their future growth. These herbicides are usually applied directly to the affected area and are absorbed by the foliage and roots of the weed. But always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Roundup Pump N Go Weedkiller is a ready-to-use glyphosate weed killer in a pump and spray container. When fully pressurised, this product gives 3 minutes of continuous spraying and kills weeds and roots from a single application. Visible results can be seen in 1 – 2 days. Another excellent product is the Roundup Pump N Go Weedkiller Refill.


Here are some tips for using weedkillers:

  • Make sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using the product.
  • Do not forget to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, when applying weedkillers.
  • Avoid contact with your skin and eyes. Do not use weedkillers in windy conditions.
  • Keep children and pets away from the area when applying weedkiller.
  • Do not allow weedkillers to get into waterways or other areas of the environment.
  • Dispose of weedkiller containers in accordance with local regulations.

At Tiger Supplies, you will also find a wide variety of garden maintenance products. For more information, please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at