Head Protection

Tiger Supplies offer a wide range of Head Protection products, which are one of the most important aspects of personal protective equipment (PPE) to provide better protection for the skull and brain. 

Suitable protection for the head is essential in almost every sector where there is a risk of being injured by falling objects or when workers are operating in areas of restricted headspace.

During 2010/2011 in the Construction sector alone, there were over 180 reported accidents of head injury in the UK,  6 of which were fatalities, proving the importance for businesses to provide their workers with suitable and legitimate head protection. 

Our products

The most common type of Head Protection product in construction is the Safety Helmet, commonly also known as the Hard Hat. Our range of Safety Helmets includes multiple different solutions for a variety of head protection requirements including various peak lengths, ratchet types, harness types, ventilation and many more safety/comfort features.

Most Safety Helmets also are well equipped to accept a plethora of Accessories to further enhance the safety of the unit, including Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders, Retractable Safety Spectacles, Sweatbands and Chinstraps.

We also provide a range of Bump Caps, which are styled much like a standard baseball cap but with the added safety feature of containing a shell to provide improved head protection in locations where a Safety Helmet is not paramount. Bump Caps are very suitable for the likes of warehouse workers to provide a degree of protection from potential falling items.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 state that a helmet should be fitted correctly and comfortably to the wearer’s head. The wearer should be able to adjust the size to achieve a comfortable fit. The size adjustment should be enough to cover cold-weather liners when worn.

EN 397 European Standard for the specification of safety helmets. Tests include a 50-joule crown impact. No side impact test.
EN12492 Complying to the mountaineering standard is impact tested with two 5kg strikers. A hemispherical striker is dropped from 2m onto the helmet and a flat Striker from 500mm onto the front, rear or side by tilting the headform to 30°. Two penetration tests with a 3kg pointed striker are also performed within a 50mm radius of the helmet’s crown. This standard exceeds the EN397 Standard.
EN14052 High-performance industrial safety helmet with side protection. Tests include a 100 Joule impact to the top of the safety helmet and a 50-joule side impact. Penetration testing is also required by a “blade” striker being dropped from 2.5m.
EN50365 Test for electrical insulation in safety helmets for use on low voltage installations (up to 1000 V)
EN 812 The standard for industrial bum caps. It involves the cap being hit twice by a 5 kg flat steel striker falling with 12 joules of energy.
EN 812: A1 Same as standard EN812 but tested with 4 strikes. Bum caps only protect against bumps and scraps. Thus, they are not to be used as a safety helmet.

At Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide range of Head Protection and other PPE items that will offer the level of protection that your work environment requires.