Head Protection

Head Protection products are one of the most important aspects of PPE to provide better protection for the skull and brain.

The most common type of Head Protection product in construction is the Safety Helmet, commonly also known as the Hard Hat. Our range of Safety Helmets includes multiple different solutions for a variety of head protection requirements including various peak lengths, ratchet types, harness types, ventilation and many more safety / comfort features.

Most Safety Helmets also are well equipped to accept a plethora of Accessories to further enhance the safety of the unit, including Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders, Retractable Safety Spectacles, Sweatbands and Chinstraps.

We also provide a range of Bump Caps, which are styled much like a standard baseball cap but with the added safety feature of containing a shell to provide improved head protection in locations where a Safety Helmet is not paramount. Bump Caps are very suitable for the likes of warehouse workers to provide a degree of protection from potential falling items.