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These waterproof garments are made of rubber, PVC, and neoprene, among other materials. Most waders extend from the foot to the thigh (thigh waders), the waist (waist waders), or the chest (chest waders). Waders are suitable for a variety of applications, such as fly fishing trips, aquaculture, and agriculture.


Neoprene is thick, warm, and entirely waterproof. Neoprene waders are tear resistant and their insulation properties make them ideal for working in deep, cold waters. 

Rubber and PVC waders are ideal for industrial applications and popular with fly fishing enthusiasts. Rubber and PVC are not as breathable as other fabrics, but they offer a good value for money. The waterproof construction of rubber and PVC waders is effective at keeping the water away so that the wearer stays dry on the job.

There are breathable waders made of other materials, but they are less resistant to tears.

Types of Waders 

There are different types of waders according to their length.

Thigh Waders 

Thigh waders used to be popular decades ago. These waders extend from the foot to the thigh. They consist of two separate pieces, one for each leg, and a brace. Thigh waders are light and useful for wading through shallow water just above the knee. 

Waist Waders

Waist waders resemble trousers and allow wading at groin level. Thus, they offer more protection than thigh waders. These waders feature belt loops to secure the garment around your waist. This design is comfortable to use for long periods and less constricting than chest waders.

Chest Waders

Chest waders are a popular choice today and the number one selling design. They resemble an overall and also offer the greatest protection when working in deep water. Chest waders are warm and allow the wearer to stay dry while facing fast-flowing water or unexpected waves. 

Our chest waders are available with boots attached and offer protection from other hazards.

European Standard

Our waders conform to the EN ISO 20345:2011, which is the standard for safety footwear. We offer chest waders that are classified as S5 (waterproof and suitable for working in the presence of water).


In addition, our chest waders have other convenient features. Following the EN ISO 20345:2011, our chest waders have also been tested for slip resistance to prevent slips, trips and falls.

According to this standard, safety footwear is classified as follows:

SRA: performance has been tested with a soap solution on ceramic tile 

SRB: performance has been tested with glycerol on steel

SRC: performance has been tested under the two previous conditions

The FW74 Safety Chest Wader is SRC, which means that the sole material gives the chest waders an excellent grip on slippery surfaces.

This design also features an anti-static sole to prevent the wearer from suffering an electric shock. The FW74 Safety Chest Wader has the added protection of steel midsole and toe caps that withstand greater impact. 

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