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Tiger Supplies offer a wide range of stationery items that will ensure the efficient running of your business and keep your documents organised. These products are designed to meet your specific office needs and increase the productivity of your employees.

The benefit of office supplies includes:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • More precision
  • Reduced labour and time costs
  • Improved aesthetic appeal of printed documents

At Tiger Supplies, you will find an exhaustive list of stationery items. Our desktop stationery items include staplers, scissors and calculators, among others. In addition, we have filing and storage stationery items such as lever arch files and dividers and writing stationery accessories such as different types of pens, pencils and markers.

We are proud to include drawing hangers and drawing trolleys in our range to ensure the success of your meetings and workshops.  Our drawing hangers are robust, easy to use, and ideal for organising large format plans and drawings. They come with an easy closure system to hold pages securely in place. Some of our hangers have a flip function, which allows you to flip through individual sheets like a book to consult them without having to open the hanger.

We recommend the A1 Vistaplan Drawing Trolley for highly compact and mobile storage of up to 2,000 large format plans, drafts, and drawings (up to 20 Vistaplan Plan Hangers). This design is very practical as it maximises the amount of storage per square metre for even the smallest offices. 

If you and your colleagues deal with confidential information, you need one of our paper shredders. Whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, you may often need to dispose of financial statements, invoices and customer or employee files. Our paper shredders will allow you to cut documents into fine strips of paper that can later be collected and recycled.

The Shredstar X10 Paper Shredder is ideal for use in the office as it can shred up to 10 sheets of paper at once in addition to credit cards, CDs and DVDs. The Q-Connect Q14MCC Micro Cut Shredder is also a great solution if you often need to destroy documents with sensitive information. It has an automatic cut-out feature that will keep your fingers safe during operation when the waste bin is opened.

Tips for managing office stationery 

With a centralised inventory, you can track the movement of stationery items. It is essential to control stationery to avoid wastage. All the items should be issued in specific quantities. 

It would be best if you used units of measurement for stock control. Information on quantities can be found in the product specification.

Managing stationery efficiently involves ensuring that stock levels of each item are maintained. You should therefore purchase stationery regularly, and we can help you ensure a continuous supply of the essential items. We offer cost-effective solutions and give you the possibility to buy in bulk, allowing you to distribute office stationery across multiple departments.

If you need Office Supplies & Office Furniture,  feel free to check our vast range, which also includes Office Chairs, Heaters, Notice Boards and Washroom Products. We can help you if you have any specific questions. Please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at