Disposable Visors

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The use of disposable visors prevents infectious droplets from entering the eyes, nose, and mouth. Disposable visors are see-through as they are composed of a transparent screen that extends below the chin.

We offer mainly offer two types of disposable visors, as you can see in the following table

Type of disposable visor Features
Face shields The face shield is composed of a large coverage screen that easily covers the wearer’s full face for excellent protection.
Visibility is improved with an anti-fog screen.
An elasticated headband with a breathable sponge provides a comfortable fit on the wearer’s forehead.
One size fits all
Visor with glasses This visor includes a raised nasal attachment which provides ample space between the nose and face. This design allows for comfortable wear.
The shield attached to the glasses is thick and minimises the spread of germs and bacteria if someone sneezes or coughs.
Ideal for working in a medical environment

In health and care settings, face shields should be prioritised for

  • Activities where splashes or sprays may occur
  • Activities involving close contact with patients with a potentially infectious disease


Disposable visors and face masks can be worn separately. But we recommend you wear them together for extra protection. 

Safety face shields provide eye protection but have open gaps below the face. This design allows droplets to enter or exit. A face mask can prevent this.

The visor should be the right length and it should not touch the disposable mask. Tiger Supplies provides full face shields. Our visors are wide enough to protect the wearer’s masks and the sides of their face.

The headband needs to be secure so that it does not interrupt work by moving or falling.

Disposable visors are meant to be worn once. But you may reuse them as long as they are not damaged. If they remain intact, you should clean and disinfect them after use. Our visors are easy to wash with water or even alcohol disinfectant. 

If the visor shows visible signs of wear, such as cracks, or if the elastic becomes loose, it must be replaced immediately with a new face shield.

Tips for wearing a disposable visor

  • Avoid touching the front of the visor when putting it on. Touch the elasticated headband or the temples in the case of the visor with glasses. 
  • Once the visor is on, ensure all your face is covered.
  • Make sure the forehead band is approximately 3 cm above your eyebrows.
  • To ensure you are always protected, never push the shield to the “up” position.
  • Disposable visors should be disposed of carefully if they have become infected. 
  • Remember to always wash your hands before and after using the visor

At Tiger Supplies, you will find a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment. We also offer other types of Face Coverings, Disposable Face Masks and Respirator Masks. 

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