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Oil spills are common occurrences on construction sites, which can cause serious damage to both the environment and workers' health. To prevent these disasters from occurring, it is important to have the right oil spill control products at hand. That is why Tiger Supplies provide a wide range of Oil Spill Control products to meet your construction site needs.

Often oil spills are not contained effectively as construction sites do not have adequate cleaning systems. The right oil spill products must always be available to ensure the safety of workers and the environment. With the right cleaning materials, you can contain oil spills successfully and prevent damage to the environment. 

Our products are designed to absorb and contain any oil spill quickly and effectively, preventing the spread of hazardous materials. They come in various sizes and capacities to meet the needs of your construction site.

Our range of Oil Spill Control products includes:

  • Safety Kits
  • Granules
  • Booms
  • Safe Rolls

We offer a quality selection of oil spill safety kits available in capacities ranging from 15 litres to 240 litres. They come with pads, socks, disposable bags and cable ties. The absorbent pads can be used to quickly soak up oil. 

Our Tri Spill™ Oil Spill Kits are supplied in a clip-top bag and are suitable for absorbing oils, fuels and solvents but they will reject water. This type of kit is perfect for vehicles and for use in hydraulic plants.

We also offer Tri Spill™ Oil Spill Kits supplied in a 240-litre wheelie bin. This kit is perfect for workshops, oil storage areas and areas where a hydraulic plant is in use. This product is suitable for external and internal use.

You can also get more environmentally friendly options, such as our  Tri Spill™ Eco-Friendly Oil Spill Kit. More than 90% of this spill kit is made from recycled materials and its larger size makes it ideal for use in workshops and in larger hydraulic plants. This product is approved under our Project Kaiyo™ initiative, accomplishing one or more of our environmentally friendly objectives.

The Oil Spill Granules offer instant absorbency and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They come in lightweight bags and can be moved to locations faster than traditional granules. This product has fire-retardant properties and conforms to BS476, part 7 Class 2.

Our absorbent booms can be used to contain larger spills. The Tri Spill™ Oil Booms have a superior construction with inner skin, outer net, clips and rings. This product is ideal for all river and marine tasks. Each Boom will absorb 42.5 litres of oil.

Our Tri Spill™ Oil Spill Safe Rolls are poly wrapped and also absorb oils, fuels and solvents. You can use them for internal and external applications. 

A good recommendation is our Site Mat Base Unit, which has been developed to provide a quality on-site solution to meet the increasing demand for the protection of the environment. It allows the free flow of filtered water through the product's side walls, eliminating the requirement of regular decanting of secondary containment trays when deployed outdoors. This product is non-absorbent, washable for repeat applications, and highly durable for demanding environments. 

We also offer Chemical Spill Control Products and Spill Containment Products. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.