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Most workers do not wash their hands often enough or long enough to prevent the transmission of germs. In construction and maintenance, more than half of workers wash their hands fewer than five times a day. To promote better hand hygiene, Tiger Supplies offers a high-quality selection of Dispensers and Keys.

The purpose of washing and sanitising dispensers and keys is to help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Washing with soap and water helps to remove dirt and debris while sanitising with a disinfectant kills germs and bacteria. 

Our Dispensers and Keys help keep infection and the spread of disease at bay and facilitate hassle-free disinfection. Therefore, they are a must to maintain a good working environment.

We recommend the Jofel Wall Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser, which has a  2-Litre capacity and a grey ABS push button of high quality and resistance. This dispenser allows you to view the quantity of soap available. It is ideal for high-traffic public toilets, as it is extremely durable and easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it comes with a key lock for security.

Another great product is the Deb Skin Safety Van Cradle, which is a unique skin safety solution for vehicles and areas with limited space, such as mobile vans and work cabins. It is a tough dispenser made from robust plastic for high durability. It is easy to install because it comes pre-drilled in four places for ease of fixing.

An excellent recommendation is the Deb Solopol Gritty Foam Dispenser, which is designed for exclusive use with Deb skin care system products. Doing this enables cartridges to be replaced in seconds, reducing maintenance time and costs. This product delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reducing waste. It also has a unique locking mechanism that helps prevent unauthorised access, pilferage, and product contamination.

Its ultrasonically sealed cartridge and pump mechanisms prevent air from entering the cartridge during use, preventing product contamination and ensuring fresh product is dispensed every time. All Deb dispensers are made of durable plastic components and are tested for high-usage environments, ensuring quality and longevity.

Tips for better skincare

The sun's rays can be extremely damaging to your skin, especially if you are exposed frequently without adequate protection. Due to long periods of outdoor work, construction workers are especially vulnerable to sun damage. As a result, they are six times more likely than the general population to develop skin cancer.

We recommend that construction workers protect themselves from the sun by:

  • Wearing densely woven work clothes.
  • Ensuring that their heads are protected by a safety cap or helmet
  • Wearing UV-protected safety glasses
  • Whenever possible, seek out shade.
  • Applying SPF 30 sunscreen on a regular basis

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide a huge range of Janitorial and Hygiene products, including Hand Sanitisers, Moisturiser Creams, Cleaning Chemicals, and  Paper Products. Our range of cleaning products and cleaning supplies is second to none. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.