Internal Site Protection

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Temporary Protection products, including Internal Site Protection to take the worry out of decorating and similar applications.

Decorating is a messy business, and your belongings may be susceptible to damage should they not receive the correct protection, both at home and in the workplace. Thus, at Tiger Supplies, you can find a broad range of Internal Site Protection materials and products that have been manufactured with the safekeeping of your belongings and property in mind.

Tiger Supplies stock a variety of protection solutions for all situations, including our range of Internal Site Protection encompassing self-adhesive Protecta Window film and dispensers, Joinery and Handrail Protection for stairways and handrails, and Door Covers.

Our Cotton Dust Sheets can protect many surfaces from paint and dust and are ideal when decorating or carrying out DIY work. They have been made from hard-wearing cotton twill and are stable under normal conditions.

We also offer Polythene Sheeting DPM which is hardwearing and resistant to unwanted tears or punctures. It features a high-quality membrane providing an effective barrier against liquid and water vapours. This product is ideal for protecting concrete walls against rising moisture and dampness as it is both waterproof and rot-proof.

Another great Internal Site Protection is the Stick and Zip Door Kit. This product consists of a pre-assembled kit that allows the user to create a doorway within a run of screening material. This protection door kit will provide safe and easy access to the segregated area of the worksite, whilst helping to ensure the containment of dust and debris created during works.

The two self-adhesive zips have a peelable backing allowing them to be positioned on the screening material at the desired width and at a height of 2.2m. This product provides sufficient height space like a normal doorway and the two-sided zips allow the doorway to be opened from either side. 

Once the doorway has been cut the two-sided zips allow the doorway to be opened from either side and include tie-backs to secure the doorway open during use as necessary.

A final recommendation is the Foam Corner Protection, which consists of a cushioned foam edge which can be easily shaped and cut to fit most edges. This thick foam provides protection against accidental impact and can be easily cut to length using scissors or a safety knife. This product is ideal for use around curved or straight edges and you can store it easily and transport it from site to site.

If the protection of equipment on your site is your concern, at Tiger Supplies we are proud to provide an extensive variety of protective solutions which are certain to keep your site and its belongings from general mess and harm whilst on the job. Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of protection. Take a look at our range of  External Site Protection.

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