Traffic Management

Whether it’s managing traffic on the road or on-site, Tiger Supplies provide a broad variety of Traffic Management Products. Maintaining order for the drivers both on the road and on-site is paramount for the safety of all individuals.

The prevention of Injuries on site or during roadworks is easily supported by using the correct traffic management products; whether that's pedestrian barriers, traffic separators, speed bumps or signage.

Each year within the construction industry, approximately 10 people die as a result of being struck by vehicles on site. In addition, hundreds of preventable accidents and injuries occur.

The law states that construction sites must be organised in a way that vehicles and pedestrians using them can move around safely. The term “vehicles” includes:

  • Cars 
  • Vans and lorries 
  • Low loaders
  • Mobile plants, such as excavators, lift trucks, and site dumpers

Our range of Barriers and Fencing includes top-quality brands such as JSP, Atlas and Barricader with a selection of barriers coming with anti-trip feet to ensure there are no unfortunate accidents on location. Our selection also includes the popular Expanda Barrier more suited for a quick solution whether outside managing vehicles or directing individuals away from hazardous situations. We also provide high visibility barrier mesh which is both tough and flexible as well as accessible in a range of colours including Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green.

Our selection of Traffic Cones comes in a variety of different sizes and also includes Portacone signs, a combination of traffic cones and safety signs, ideal for traffic management. Tiger Supplies also stock speed ramps to ensure drivers on location are conforming to the correct safety speed.

Other traffic management solutions include Traffic Separators, Warning and Hazard Lights and Temporary Traffic Signs.

EN Standards

Our products comply with several international standards:

  • BS8442- Specifies requirements and tests for rigid and flexible portable signs, barriers, self-supporting portable signs, “Stop/ Go” signs, school crossing patrol signs, flat traffic delineators, flap signs, pedestrian crossing and refuge beacons, internally illuminated posts, twin amber flashing light units, non-retro-reflecting road studs, and retro-reflective self-righting bollards.
  • EN 12899-2- Gives performance requirements and test methods for new trans-illuminated traffic bollards (TTBs).  Applicable to Type 1 and Type 2 (TTBs).
  • BE EN 1317- Road restraint products which have been put through rigorous testing and are available for use on the Highways Agency Trunk Road Network.
  • Chapter 8- Successfully qualifies as a traffic safety measure and signs for roadworks and temporary situations in accordance with the Department for Transport- Traffic Signs Manuals.

Traffic Management Branding

Branding opportunities are available on many other traffic management products. This service gives our customers the opportunity to stamp their identity on the products they purchase. It also helps with brand marketing and declares ownership of products, which can also act as an anti-theft feature.

To find out if your traffic management products can be branded when purchased from Tiger Supplies, enquire with the sales team who will be happy to advise you.

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