Hand Sanitisers

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Tiger Supplies offers a wide range of quality Disinfectants and Sanitisers, including Hand Sanitisers to ensure hygiene and safety in your workplace.

Our hands carry thousands of germs every day, and poor hand hygiene can lead to the transmission of many different types of diseases, including respiratory illnesses, foodborne illnesses, and skin infections. Some of the more common illnesses that can be transmitted through poor hand hygiene include the common cold, influenza, and Covid-19.  Therefore, it is important to practice good hand hygiene to reduce the risk of spreading these diseases.

During flu season, we are told again and again that hand sanitisers and soap are the best defence. Especially during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers have been indispensable in promoting good hygiene. Their use ensures clean hands and reduces the spread of germs and bacteria that can cause disease. 

In addition, hand sanitisers are cost-effective, convenient and easy to use.  Where access to soap and water is not possible, hand sanitisers offer a cost-effective solution and allow workers to stay healthy and productive. They can access quick and effective hand hygiene when they need it.

The key with hand sanitisers is to use enough of them. Your hands should take a full 15 seconds or longer to dry. Alcohol-based hand sanitisers work effectively because alcohol breaks up the bacteria's proteins and kills them.

We recommend the Antibacterial Hand Gel by Frontline, which is an alcohol hand sanitiser with 75% alcohol. This product also contains added Aloe Vera to leave your hands feeling smooth and sanitised. You will love its fabulous smooth clear consistency that provides an effective method of sanitising hands and killing germs and bacteria.  It will coat your hands quickly and easily and it will rapidly dry leaving no sticky residue. This product is compliant with BS EN1500 and BS EN1276.

Another great option is Ingen’s Alcohol-based hand sanitiser as it is effective against a wide range of common organisms. It has built-in skin conditioners that prevent drying of skin whilst not leaving any sticky residue. This product acts quickly and is food safe and suitable for frequent use in medical and care service applications. Apply to clean hands and rub together until dry. You do not have to rinse it but do not apply it to broken skin.

Our Deb Cradle InstantGEL Hand Sanitiser has proven antibacterial activity to help protect the skin against contact with contaminants often associated with outdoor workers.  This product has an advanced alcohol gel formula that is easy-to-apply and provides an economical and convenient method of rapidly disinfecting clean skin. It meets the microbiological performance standards EN12054, EN1275 and EN1500. 

If you suffer from dry skin, this is the product for you as it contains panthenol, which helps condition the skin and prevents dryness. In addition, it will dry quickly leaving you with a smooth, non-greasy after-feel. You do not have to rinse it with water or wipe-off with towels.

At Tiger Supplies, we are proud to provide a high-quality variety of Janitorial and Hygiene products, including cleaning products and disinfectant cleaners suitable for different industries. Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.