Safety Trainers

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Our range of Protective Footwear includes Safety Trainers that comply with the EN ISO 20345:2011. Safety trainers can be a functional alternative to safety boots depending on the work environment. They are aesthetically appealing while offering protection, making them practical for workers who want a more casual, sporty look. 

When to wear safety footwear

Under health and safety law, safety footwear must only be worn where there is a real risk of injury. But many occupations require the use of safety footwear to protect feet and ankles at all times.  As listed by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), the main hazards for feet include

  • Falling objects
  • Slipping
  • Chemical splash
  • Cuts and punctures
  • Electrostatic buildup

Thus,  you should wear protective footwear if your work involves dealing with heavy and sharp objects and handling corrosive and poisonous materials. If your work environment entails electrical hazards and slippery surfaces, wearing safety trainers could save your life.

Some relevant safety features

Safety trainers must comply with international standards. The EN ISO 20345 determines the basic and optional requirements for safety footwear. Tiger Supplies’ safety trainers have been tested against and comply with this standard. 

EN ISO 20345 stipulates, among other parameters, that protective footwear must have toe protection resistant to an impact of 200 joules (the energy that can be absorbed by the toe area before it breaks). 

The impact of 200 joules is equivalent to a 20kg object falling from 1020 mm onto your toes. In workplaces, like a warehouse, wearing safety trainers that are impact resistant is a must. 

Toe cap

At Tiger Supplies, you will find safety trainers with either composite or steel toecaps to offer protection.

Characteristics Steel Toe cap Composite Toe cap
EN ISO 20345 Both meet the standard, but Steel toe caps may even withstand higher impact as steel is traditionally stronger
Weight A little bit heavier than composite toe caps Lighter in weight, which makes shoes comfortable to walk for hours
Insulation Poor thermal insulation Great thermal insulation
Electric hazards May not be the best choice for workers in the electrical field Does not conduct electricity

Slip-resistant sole 

Anti-slip work trainers are vital in many workplaces. You will find different types of safety trainers with slip-resistant soles within our range. They have been tested and classified according to the standards:

  • SRA safety trainers have been tested on ceramic tile with a soap solution
  • SRB safety trainers have been tested on steel with glycerol
  • SRC safety trainers have been tested under the two previous conditions

Anti-static sole

This feature is crucial in areas where there are electrical hazards. Safety trainers with anti-static soles will minimise static electricity and will prevent you from suffering an electric shock.

At Tiger Supplies, you can choose from a variety of safety trainers with all of these features. 

A great recommendation of steel toe cap trainers is the 7760 Black Trainer Shoes. These trainers offer great protection as they also have a steel midsole and anti-static sole. They are oil-resistant and SRA. 

On the other hand, the VX700 Pearl Ladies Safety Trainer is a stylish choice for women. It has a composite toecap and midsole, which offer great protection and flexibility. This design is SRC and oil resistant.

If you need protective footwear, feel free to check our vast range. We can help you if you have any queries. Please call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at