Extension Ladders

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Access Equipment, including a quality selection of Extension Ladders to ensure you can work safely at height and carry out difficult tasks on the job.

Benefits of Extension Ladders

With our extension ladders, you can reach higher heights than with a standard ladder. They are also much easier to transport as they can be folded up and stored in a smaller space. Additionally, extension ladders are much safer because they have a support bar that can be extended along the length of the ladder, providing you with additional stability.

Uses of Extension Ladders

They are typically used for tasks that require access to high places. You can use them for tasks, such as:

  • changing a light bulb
  • painting walls 
  • cleaning gutters
  • roof repairs
  • tree trimming

Tiger Supplies has a wide range of extension ladders. we count with 2-Section and 3-Section Extension Ladders that have an easy-to-fit stabiliser bar which reduces the risk of sideways slips. These extension ladders have been manufactured by Lyte, which is the UK’s leading manufacturing company of ladders and towers.

These extension ladders have been redesigned, tested and manufactured to the new EN131-2 standard to ensure they meet and exceed the new requirements. They are made from the highest grade and quality aluminium. This makes them ideal for all types of industrial work.

EN131-2  is the European Standard that specifies the requirements, test methods, and general design features for portable ladders, including extension ladders.

Your safe movement and access to sloped roofs are guaranteed with our Roof Ladder. This extension ladder has the strength of a trade ladder with a heavy-duty ridge hook to keep it in place and safety catches. It also features rubber-covered bearer bars that distribute weight evenly to prevent damage to the roof. This extension ladder has a weight of 14 kg and a height of 4.64 m.

We also recommend our Telescopic Extendable Ladder which has a maximum load capacity of 150kg/330lbs (including the weight of the user, materials and tools). This extendable ladder is a secure piece of equipment.  All of the steps in the ladder have a pair of locking mechanisms consisting of spring-loaded steel pins that will automatically lock into place as the ladder is extended.

Tips for taking care of extension ladders

It is important to take proper care of extension ladders on construction sites. You should inspect the ladders for any signs of damage, such as cracks or loose bolts, before using them. 

In addition, it is essential to ensure that your extension ladder is set up correctly, with the feet firmly planted on the ground and the side rails level. To use the ladder safely, avoid any sudden movements and keep both hands on the ladder at all times.

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