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We can help your workplace be more sustainable. That is why, at Tiger Supplies, we have a wide range of Eco-Friendly Canteen and Welfare products, such as Eco-Friendly Tableware that will help you and your company reduce plastic consumption and protect the environment.

Plastic pollution has become the world’s biggest environmental problem due to the irresponsible disposal of plastic waste, often affecting construction sites.

In addition to destroying the environment, single-use tableware is totally unhealthy. Plastic containers and plates contain toxins that are ingested when eating. This is often the first reason to switch to biodegradable tableware made from natural materials. They are free from chemical treatments, dyes, bleaches, etc., which are the main sources of toxins in food.

Eco-friendly tableware, including plates and bowls, has more advantages, as it is durable and safe. Dishes and bowls made to be eco-friendly can be strong, durable and resistant to the heat, weight or steam of food. Food that is wet, dry, greasy, hot or cold can be served without making a mess.

Soil health can be improved by using environmentally friendly tableware. Biodegradable tableware has important environmental benefits as it releases nutrients that are essential for the planet back into the soil.

For instance, the Kaiyo Bagasse Round Plate 9" comes in boxes of 125 and is suitable for use with hot, wet and oily foods. This is also an eco-friendly, compostable and biodegradable product made from bagasse as well.

Another example is the Kaiyo Compostable Lid, which is an eco-friendly product approved under our Project Kaiyo™ initiative. It is a sustainable option made from CPLA that reduces plastic consumption.

PLA and CPLA are compostable bioplastics made of plant sugars:

  • Corn starch
  • Cassava
  • Sugar cane 
  • Sugar beet

PLA is made with the glucose extracted from the starch. The fermentation of starch produces lactic acid, which will be transformed into a polymer useful for a huge range of applications, including Eco-Friendly Cups and Straws.

CPLA stands for crystallised CPLA and is ideal for higher heat use. PLA has a low melt point, but CPLA has more heat resistance. 

Our Project Kaiyo™ initiative aims to raise awareness and encourage change step by step, as we believe that small changes can lead to big differences. Therefore, our range of Eco-Friendly Canteen & Welfare products is full of Kaiyo Eco-Friendly Products.

We are delighted to have launched a range of Kaiyo Compostable Tableware and other biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic consumables available on our website.

Our team works hard to help more and more businesses become economically and environmentally sustainable as possible. Thus, we always strive to add more items to our range. And you can rest assured they comply with the necessary standards.

Check out our vast range of Eco-Friendly Canteen & Welfare products, which include Eco-Friendly Cups and Eco-Friendly Cutlery. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales representatives might be able to source exactly what you need. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at