Fall Arrest Blocks

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Tigers Supplies’ wide range of Fall Protection Equipment includes a quality selection of Fall Arrest Blocks from top brands including Delta Plus and JSP. Fall Arrest Blocks have a braking mechanism to arrest the fall. Thus, they are vital for protecting employees’ lives when working at height.

Fall restraint equipment does not allow employees to access areas where there is a risk of a fall. On the other hand, fall arrest blocks will slow and stop workers in the event of a fall.

Fall arrest blocks are manufactured for use in vertical applications, but some designs have also been tested and approved for use in horizontal applications. It is advisable to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations before using a specific make and model of fall arrest block.

Depending on their application, fall arrest blocks can also have a different maximum user mass capacity. Our fall arresters have been tested to 150 kg and have a cable breaking point tested to 12kN.

Our range of Fall Arrest Equipment complies with several European standards.

The EN 360:2002 is the standard for retractable fall arresters (fall arrest blocks also known as retractable lanyards). It determines the test methods, marking and main requirements for retractable fall arresters.

Fall arrest blocks are tested for 

  • Dynamic performance– to measure arrest distance and arrest force
  • Locking after conditioning – to ensure the equipment is not affected by environmental conditions
  • Static strength – to ensure the fall arrest block’s breaking strength exceeds the force determined in the European standard
  • Corrosion resistance – to assess the performance of fall arrest blocks in case of environmental corrosion

In addition, the EN 363 standard focuses on the areas of application, components and individual parts of PPE against falls from height. 

The EN364 standard determines the test methods for personal protective equipment against falls.

Finally, the EN365 standard specifies the main requirements for instructions and marking of PPE against falls from height. It also provides specifications for the periodic inspection and repair of fall protection equipment.

Inspection of Fall Arrest Blocks

According to the British Standard, personal fall protection equipment and height safety equipment should be examined once a year. However, manufacturers recommend more frequent inspections, detailed checks and risk assessments.

Individuals in charge of the inspection must check if there are any signs of cuts and abrasions, UV degradation or heat damage. It is advisable to keep written records of your periodic inspections.

Hierarchy of Fall Protection

Fall prevention is essential. Employees should avoid working at height. It is always advisable to consider safer alternatives if it is possible.

Second, workers should check there are no extra hazards to the site where work is required.

Finally, the employer must ensure that the correct fall protection equipment is used if working at height is essential.

Therefore, at Tiger Supplies, we also offer a selection of Lanyards and Safety Harnesses to ensure employees’ protection when working at height. 

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