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Tiger Supplies’ wide range of office furniture ensures that your employees are comfortable so they can achieve those productivity goals. From chairs and adjustable desks to metal and wooden cabinets, we are sure you will find the product that best suits your office needs.

Guide to our office chairs

Operator chairs

These ergonomic office chairs are designed for employees who spend up to 8 hours at their desks. By using this type of chair you will prevent back and neck problems. They are excellent value for money.

Operator chairs offer lumbar support and other features that will improve your sitting posture. Our designs have a padded seat and back. The back height and angle are adjustable as well as the seat height to get the optimum position for individuals. We offer operator chairs with and without adjustable arms. 

Leather chairs

This design is ideal for executive offices, as it is classier and gives a polished look to the workspace. In addition to their luxurious design, leather chairs are comfortable thanks to their padding and can also be ergonomic.

Our leather chairs have a quality soft feel and they feature arms with deep foam cushioning for support and comfort.  During the winter, these chairs will keep you warm and cosy. Leather chairs are also very easy to clean compared to other designs made of low-quality materials. 

Task chairs

This ergonomic design will support your productivity as it is functional and comfortable. Thus, you will be able to focus on work. 

Our task chairs feature a mesh back and fabric seat. They are supplied with height-adjustable arms and a chrome base. The lock-tilt mechanism allows you to easily adjust the seating position. 

Moreover, our task chairs feature a high back providing improved comfort and posture. This way, you will minimise back or shoulder pain and prevent pain in the future.

Stacking chairs 

Stacking chairs are multipurpose and comfortable. They are made of robust material, making them a durable choice for

  • Reception areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Offices

As the name suggests, they can be stacked when not in use to save space. We offer two design options:

  • Plastic stacking chair 
  • Ultra multi-purpose stacking chair 

The plastic design features a sturdy tubular frame with non-slip feet for safety. The multi-purpose design is more comfortable as it features a soft charcoal upholstered seat and back with a sturdy black metal frame for durability.

Tips for choosing the best chair

We recommend that you analyse your office space and consider the following aspects: 

  • Location of the seat
  • The frequency of use of the chair
  • The amount of time people are likely to sit in the chair
  • Circumstances in which the chair will be used
  • Number of chairs you need

Once you have taken these aspects into account, you can choose the design that suits you and your business and fits your budget. All of our chairs will be a great match to our office desks

Wood versus Metal filing cabinets

Our range of quality office furniture includes filing cabinets that are a great solution to office storage. We offer both wooden and metal filing cabinets. To help you decide, please refer to the following table listing the advantages of each type.

Filling cabinet Benefits Suitability
Wood Stylish, superior in terms of aesthetic appeal. Ideal for adding an air of professionalism to an office
Metal Likely to last longer with little to no maintenance. Resistant to scratches. Best suited for a workplace with a lot of traffic

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