Disposable Hairnets & Beard Covers

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We offer a high-quality selection of hair nets and Beard Covers to maintain hygiene in the workplace. Our disposable hair nets and beard covers conform to international standards and give a comfortable fit. They are often mandatory for employees working in laboratories, the food industry,  and electronic plants, among other industries. 

Human hair can contaminate food and laboratory samples and disrupt manufacturing processes. 

Staff at restaurant kitchens and food production positions are often required to wear disposable hair nets. Male workers are more likely to shed hair from their faces than from the top of their heads. Beard covers prevent this from happening.

Employees working at laboratories and pharmaceutical companies often carry out experiments and are involved in chemical manufacturing processes. Therefore, they are required to wear this kind of protective equipment to avoid contaminating samples and to prevent accidents. 

Staff at electronic plants may also be required to wear disposable hair nets and beard covers during the production of electronics. Hair, dandruff, and dirt can disrupt computer components.

Hair Nets are useful to keep the hair in place when wearing other types of PPE, such as Face Masks or Face Shields. This headwear is tight-fitting and has an open weave. Hair nets are sometimes called Mob Caps. 

We recommend our Disposable Mob Caps that come in bulk quantities (pack of 1,000). These hair nets are suitable for hygienic colour-coded environments as they are available in blue, yellow and green.

On the other hand, Bouffants are loose-fitting and often made of woven fabric. This type of headwear should be worn to prevent loose hair from falling into food or pharmaceuticals. Like hair nets, bouffants will lower the risk of contamination. Thus, employees working in food processing applications and medical settings are advised to wear them.

We recommend our Bouffant Cap 21". It has been manufactured with spun bonded polypropylene and comes with an elasticated headband. This headwear will give you a comfortable fit and is sold in packs of 100.

Disposable Beard Covers will prevent facial hair from falling to ensure a clean and hygienic work area. Our Disposable Beard Masks are blue and come in a pack of 36.

Our disposable hair caps and beard covers conform to international standards. 

EN ISO 10993-4:2009 – This is the standard for the biological evaluation of medical devices and it determines the tests for interactions with blood.

EN ISO 14971:2009 – This standard specifies how the manufacturer of medical devices needs to identify, evaluate and control the hazards associated with them. The manufacturer must monitor the effectiveness of the controls.

EN 980:2008 – This standard indicates the symbols that must be used in the product description provided by the manufacturer of medical devices.

ISO 10993-1:2009 –  It details the main principles governing the biological evaluation of medical devices as part of risk management processes. It informs about the general categorisation of these devices according to the nature and the duration of their contact with the body. The standard determines the biological safety of the medical device.

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