Thermal Hats & Snoods

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Thermal Hats and Snoods are winter essentials providing protection against heat loss. Our range of thermal hats has been designed to keep your head warm whilst working outdoors in cold weather.

Although wind chill is common in cold climates, it is low temperatures that pose the greatest danger to body heat balance. The appropriate adjustment of thermal clothing can often control and regulate body heat loss to balance changes in the ambient climate.

Thermal hats help you prevent cold stress, which is the decrease in skin temperature and the body's internal temperature. When a person is unable to warm up, they can suffer serious cold-related ailments and injuries, which can lead to permanent tissue damage and death. 

Our range includes Thinsulate winter hats. Thinsulate is the brand name for synthetic fibre thermal insulation used in clothing. Thinsulate fabric has gaps between fibres, which reduce the heat flow and allow moisture to escape. This property is beneficial as it retains body heat that provides comfortable warmth whilst allowing sweat to evaporate. 

Thermal hats are really practical, they take up little space,  so you can always be prepared by carrying one in your bag. You will enjoy the extra warmth that our beanie hats and snoods can offer during winter. 

A beanie is a tight-fitting, brimless hat made from a variety of fabrics, including synthetics and knits. Our beanies are manufactured to fit a medium-sized head but are made of flexible fabrics that can stretch to fit larger sizes. 

We recommend that you read the product description as some designs can be compatible with Head Protection equipment. For instance, the JSP Surefit Thermal Beanie is a thermal hat designed with deep edges to cover the entire ear and is fully compatible with all Evolution Safety Helmets.

Some thermal hats can be embroidered which will allow you to increase the brand awareness of your business and provide employees with a professional image. An embroidered beanie will make it easier for customers to identify your employees and services.

Most of our thermal hats are machine washable. But it’s advisable to read any washing instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

At Tiger Supplies, you can also find high-quality snoods made of thermal fabrics, which are reusable and have a water-repellent finish. Our neck warmer snoods allow easy breathing without restriction, thus they are comfortable to wear. Other snoods have a unique dual-purpose design and they can be used as a hat or neck cowl.

It is important to remember that, although snoods are designed to aid defence against the spread of infection, they are not recognised as preventing the transmission of infectious diseases and viruses.

If you ride a motorcycle, you can benefit from wearing one of our balaclavas under your helmet. Balaclavas are ideal to keep the head and neck warm in cooler conditions. The FR18 Flame Resistant Anti-Static Balaclava protects against radiant, convective and contact heat and prevents the build-up of static charge. In addition, its 50+ UPF-rated fabric blocks 98% of UV rays.

Tiger Supplies also offers Cold Protection Gloves, Outdoor Jackets and Fleeces. Our workwear garments are suitable for a wide variety of applications and are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

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