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When it comes to safety signage, adhesive labels offer a convenient and economically viable option. At Tiger Supplies, we offer an extensive range of adhesive labels and safety stickers. Our collection includes essential labels such as Eye Wash Stickers, Not Drinking Water, Drinking Water, Now Wash Your Hands, Fire Exit Keep Clear, Fire Door Keep Closed, and many more.

Importance of Safety Signage

Safety signage serves as a visual communication tool, conveying vital information to individuals in a clear and concise manner. 

Whether it is directing people to emergency exits, highlighting potential hazards, or indicating safety procedures, well-placed safety signage significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. By promoting a safer environment, businesses and organisations can protect their employees, customers, and the general public.

Benefits of Adhesive Labels

One of the advantages of our adhesive labels is their versatility. They can be easily applied to various surfaces, including walls, doors, equipment, and machinery. The adhesive backing ensures a secure attachment, allowing the labels to withstand different environmental conditions and remain highly visible.

Using adhesive labels as safety signage offers several benefits. Firstly, they provide clear visual communication of important safety messages. Whether it is indicating the location of an eye wash station, reminding individuals not to drink certain water sources, or emphasising the need to wash hands, adhesive labels help reinforce safety protocols and promote a culture of awareness.

Additionally, adhesive labels are cost-effective compared to traditional sign materials. They offer a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or durability. This affordability allows you to use safety signage throughout your site, ensuring that important messages are prominently displayed wherever necessary.

Our Adhesive labels are designed to withstand various environmental conditions and remain highly durable over time. This durability ensures that safety signage stays intact and legible, even in demanding environments. 

The application process of adhesive labels is straightforward and hassle-free. With their adhesive backing, they can be easily applied to clean and dry surfaces without the need for additional tools or equipment.

Also, these sticky labels can be removed without leaving residue or causing damage to the underlying surface. This ease of application and removal makes adhesive labels a convenient option for temporary safety signage requirements.

Adhesive labels can be designed to comply with industry-specific safety regulations and standards. The use of specific colours, symbols, or text formats can be customised to meet regulatory requirements. By adhering to these standards, you can demonstrate your commitment to safety and ensure that your safety signage effectively communicates the necessary information to your intended audience.

At Tiger Supplies, we take pride in our ability to produce many of our safety signs, labels and stickers in-house. This means we have the flexibility to create bespoke signs tailored to your specific requirements. If you cannot find the sign you are looking for in our existing collection, our dedicated sales team is ready to assist you. Simply get in touch with us, and we will work with you to design and create the custom signs you need for your site.

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