Hasps, Bolts & Anchors

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At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of  Hasps, Bolts and Anchors to meet your Site Security needs.

With our haps, you can secure cabinets, gates and doors that do not have a lock. They usually consist of a metal loop that can be attached to the item to be secured and a metal staple that is attached to the frame, allowing a padlock or other locking mechanism to be used.

Our heavy-duty range of hasps and staples has been manufactured using hardened steel, making them more resistant to wear. These haps are durable and robust and feature predrilled fixing holes. 

If you need to secure gates, you can use our bolts. They are easy to install and long-lasting. Our pad-lockable bolts feature an elongated keep to allow the slight movement of heavy doors and gates. We offer Brenton Bolts which are recommended for internal and external use.

On the other hand, anchors are useful for securing objects to a surface, such as walls, floors, and ceilings. They are commonly made of metal and come in various types and sizes, depending on the application. With an anchor, you can secure shelves, light fixtures, and heavy objects that need to be held in place.

Our Abus Wall Anchor can secure valuable bikes and equipment in garages, cellars, carports and public areas. The shackle is made from hardened steel. This product is weatherproof, which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor installation. The Abus Wall Anchor comes complete with fixings.

We have more site security solution. Use the navigation above to browse our range of Security products, including Temporary Fencing and Barriers, Key Cabinets and Accessories, and High-Security Padlocks and Chains.

We also offer a wide range of barriers, including Gladiator panels, Vector panels, Bar barriers and Crossing point barriers. For organising your keys, you can use our Key Safes and Key Cabinets.

At Tiger Supplies, you can also find different types of padlocks made from solid brass, stainless steel, titanium and solid steel. They have been built to resist the toughest of attacks and to work reliably in the harshest outdoor environments.

You may also need our heavy-duty security chains made of galvanised steel and hardened steel. They can be used to secure gates and other access points to the construction site, helping to keep out unauthorised personnel or vehicles. Our chains are also ideal to secure large objects, such as machinery and vehicles, to prevent them from being moved or stolen.

Take advantage of our radios and walkie-talkies which are ideal for use in high-security environments. Use them for instant communication between all workers on the site. This ensures that your colleagues are aware of any threats, the tasks to be performed and the status of the work. Our walkie-talkies are also suitable for communication across warehouses and shop floors.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk