Fire Trolleys

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When a fire outbreak occurs, the first step is to locate the correct fire extinguisher. However, workers can waste valuable time if fire extinguishers are not readily accessible. Here at Tiger Supplies, we provide a wide range of Fire Extinguisher Trolleys that have been manufactured to provide a convenient solution for storing your fire safety equipment.

We offer a quality selection of trolleys that serve as a means of storage for fire safety equipment and can be used as mobile fire points at the workplace. They will help you provide temporary fire protection as they are highly portable and keep fire extinguishers visible.

Benefits of fire extinguisher trolleys

1. Our trolleys are fully customisable. 

Our offer includes trolleys that come with fire extinguishers fitted so that you can have the equipment you need in a convenient location. In addition to one or more fire extinguishers, they may come with an alarm or signage, so that your workplace is fully prepared in an emergency.

For instance, at Tiger Supplies, you can get a double fire trolley with a rotary hand bell, a 9-litre water extinguisher and a 9kg dry powder extinguisher. This combination is commonly used on construction sites. 

2. They will protect your workers and site

Many safety problems can arise from incorrectly storing equipment, especially if it is left out after use. Your workers and site will be protected with a Fire Extinguisher Trolley on-site, making managing fire safety equipment easier.

3. They are easy to locate

When an emergency occurs, workers need easy access to equipment. However, if they do not know what they are looking for or where the equipment is, this can have a negative impact on site safety and waste valuable time. Fire extinguisher trolleys are lightweight and have wheels, so they can be easily moved around the site as the project progresses. Whatever the size of your site, we have a range of trolleys to fit into the smallest of spaces.

Our fire extinguishers trolleys come in all shapes and sizes. The basic fire extinguisher trolley has two brackets to hold the extinguisher. And it will fit every single type and size of extinguisher. They all come with good solid wheels and may have a tubular frame. 

Our trolley models

The Double Fire Trolley has been designed to support equipment in transport, has steel mainframe construction for maximum strength, and features hard-wearing rubber tyres. It is easy to move around to a point of need or into storage and can hold any extinguisher up to 200mm in diameter. This type of trolley is ideal for use on construction sites and wide open spaces. 

We also offer a Double Fire Trolley & Composite Board that is suitable for many applications including petrol stations and warehouses. It features a steel frame for maximum strength and can hold two fire extinguishers, such as Water, Foam, Powder or CO2. 

We recommend the Triple Metal Fire Trolley which can hold three extinguishers up to 200mm in diameter and features an epoxy-polyester powder-coated finish, which makes the trolley corrosion-resistant. This trolley can also carry Plastic Fire Buckets to control spills and extinguish flame spread.

If you have any questions about fire protection and our range of Fire Trolleys, do not hesitate to contact the sales team.