Temporary Protection

At Tiger Supplies, we offer a wide range of Temporary Protection products to take the worry out of decorating and similar applications.

Decorating is a messy business, and your belongings may be susceptible to damage should they not receive the correct protection, both at home and in the workplace. That is why Tiger Supplies specialise in a broad range of temporary protection materials with the safekeeping of your belongings and property in mind.

Consider our range of temporary Floor Protection to extend the life of your floors and keep them looking good for longer. Our floor protectors will allow you to:

  • Protect your floors from damage, spills, and stains while you are decorating 
  • Make your floors safer to walk on by preventing slips and falls

Our range includes both regular and flame-retardant Protecta Boards for flooring and carpet protection, floor cards and protective carpet rolls. For hard floor surfaces we also stock specialist multi-use self-adhesive film.

Tiger Supplies stock a variety of protection solutions for all situations, including our range of Internal Site Protection encompassing self-adhesive Protecta Window film and dispensers, Joinery and Handrail Protection for stairways and handrails, and Door Covers.

Window Protection is a must to protect windows from dust, debris, and other damage that can occur during the construction process. Our products will protect your windows against high impacts and general site damage, such as falling debris and mortar. Window protection can reduce:

  • The risk of workers breaking windows or injuring themselves
  • The risk of flying glass shards 
  • The amount of cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done after the construction is complete.

Doors also need to be protected when renovating and decorating a property. Use our range of temporary Door Protection products to prevent scratches and damage to doors. Our products can help you keep out dust and dirt. You can also use them to keep the interior of the building clean and tidy during the construction process, which can be beneficial to the overall aesthetics of the finished project.

To ensure your carpets last longer, invest in our selection of Carpet Protection. Protect your carpets from dirt, dust, paint, glue, and debris resulting from the construction or decoration process. Tiger Supplies’ carpet protection films or carpet protectors have the following benefits:

  • Easy to install and remove, reducing the amount of time required for decoration installation and cleanup.
  • Waterproof so that you can easily wipe away any spill  during the decoration 
  • Reduce the risk of damage or staining to carpets, making post-decoration cleanup easier.
  • Provide a slip-resistant surface, reducing the risk of slip and fall during the decoration process.

We also provide specialist protection solutions for the Kitchen and Bathroom, including protection for baths, toilets, sinks, ovens and taps.

If the protection of equipment on your site is your concern, at Tiger Supplies we are proud to provide an extensive variety of protective solutions which are certain to keep your site and its belongings from general mess and harm whilst on the job. Use the sections above to navigate to your desired type of protection.

Should you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Call us on 0844 848 3444 or email us at sales@tiger-supplies.co.uk.