Temporary Traffic Signs

At Tiger Supplies, we provide a wide range of Traffic Signs to ensure road safety and maintain order.

Characteristics of Prohibition Traffic Signs

Traffic signs possess several key characteristics that make them effective in conveying their intended messages. These characteristics ensure that the signs are easily understood and followed by road users: 

1. Shape and Color

Prohibition traffic signs typically have distinct shapes and colours that help differentiate them from other types of traffic signs. 

2. Symbols and Pictograms

Traffic signs rely on symbols and pictograms to convey their messages. These visual representations are designed to be universally understood, transcending language barriers. The symbols are carefully crafted to communicate the specific restriction clearly. 

3. Clear and Concise Messages

These signs are designed to deliver concise messages that leave no room for ambiguity. The messages are kept short and straightforward, allowing drivers and pedestrians to quickly grasp the intended restrictions. 

4. Visibility and Reflectivity

They are constructed using materials that provide optimal visibility, even in varying weather conditions. High-contrast colour combinations and reflective properties enhance the visibility of these signs, allowing you to easily spot them from a distance.

5. Placement and Size

Prohibition traffic signs are strategically placed at locations where the restrictions apply. They are positioned to provide ample time for drivers and pedestrians to react and adjust their behaviour accordingly. 

The size of the signs is carefully chosen to ensure they are visible and legible from the appropriate distances. Proper placement and size contribute to the effectiveness of the signs in conveying their intended messages.

Importance of Traffic Signs

Traffic signs play a vital role in ensuring road and on site safety:

  1. Traffic signs are instrumental in enhancing road safety by clearly communicating potential dangers and restrictions, such as road works. They inform you about actions or behaviours that could lead to accidents or collisions. 
  2. By adhering to these signs, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists can minimise the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of themselves and others.
  3. Traffic signs play a crucial role in regulating the flow of site traffic. They guide drivers by specifying actions they should avoid, such as overtaking or making U-turns in specific areas. 
  4. By following these restrictions, traffic flow becomes smoother and more predictable, reducing congestion and enhancing overall efficiency.
  5. Traffic signs set clear rules and guidelines that everyone must follow. These signs contribute to creating a structured and organised road environment where everyone understands and respects the restrictions. 
  6. These signals play a key role in traffic control and the protection of pedestrians and vulnerable road users. 

Material information

Here are some of the most common signage materials. This way, you can decide which is most suitable for your requirements:

1mm Rigid Plastic - This lightweight material is compact and rigid. It has good durability and it is not affected by water. 

Self-Adhesive Vinyl-  This material is suitable for temporary or long-term use, can be laminated and adheres to most substrates. 

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