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Tiger Supplies’ range of tool accessories includes tool bags. Tool bags are essential tool accessories used in several industries to transport or store essential work items, such as hand tools, power tools, and cutting tools. Tool bags help you keep them tidy and secure.


Tool bags have some disadvantages. The tools inside the bags may not always receive as much protection as they should. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to organise the tools inside the bags. But the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

Tool bags are a comfortable option for holding your essential items. Here are some other benefits of tool bags:

  • More space – Tool bags are not rigid so they occupy less space in your home or workplace than toolboxes. Multi-tool bags have several pockets and are also capable of expanding when you need more storage space for your tools.
  • Less heavy – Tool bags are lighter than tool boxes and easier to move around.
  • Freedom of movement – The straps in tool bags allow you to move your hands while transporting your tools.

At Tiger Supplies, we offer a tool bag that comes with plenty of storage, and several internal and external pockets so you can place items of various sizes. The Silverline Tool Bag has 21 pockets (8 internal pockets and 13 external ones). 

It is made of rugged reinforced nylon and has a hard base and a large, zipped cantilever opening. Additionally, it has 8 tool loops, 2 side straps for longer tools, and a key fob for keys or small tools.

Tips to keep your tools organised

Your tools can last for several decades if you store them properly as they are less likely to get damaged or lost.

Consider organising your tools according to the order you are more likely to use them. You should organise them in a way you can easily see them and take them without having to move other tools.

Based on this organisation approach, compartments can be designed so that tools stand vertically and are easy to see.

Other tool accessories

If you need other options, we have a selection of toolboxes, tote trays and organisers that will suit your needs. They are made of tough impact-resistant plastic and have innovative designs.

Here are some of the benefits of toolboxes:

  • They are often more durable than tool bags.
  • They have several compartments that allow you to organise tools better.
  • Toolboxes will offer more protection to your tools.

Our range of tool accessories also includes tool belts, tool aprons, and nail and hammer pouches. These accessories offer quick access to your tools on the job.

If you have any questions regarding our range of tool accessories, please contact the sales team. 


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